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The use of SMS in business communication: the health sector

SMS has made a transformation in recent years, now serving as an excellent method to improve business communication, both externally and internally. And there is one sector in which it is playing an ever larger role: health. Below, we are going to analyze the use of text messages in the health sector.

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Publication: 02.12.2019
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

The use of SMS in business communication: the health sector

Some of the advantages are:

1 Regulate staff meetings. A text message can work as a reminder or warning that there is a department meeting coming up, for example. Internal communication in the company or administration is essential, and meetings are an essential part of making sure communication is as smooth as possible. Any tool that supports this will always be useful.

2External communication. Smooth communication with patients is also indispensable. An SMS campaign can help to remind patients of appointments and procedures, stay in touch with them following their visit, and provide additional information from the doctor.

3 Communication with pharmacies. SMS can help to establish a bridge between the doctor and the pharmacy. Sending an automatic message to the pharmacy as soon as a prescription is logged by the doctor speeds up the process of communication and reduces waiting time for the patients.

Launch SMS campaigns

All you need is a contract or platform to set up a particular number of messages and regulate messaging operations. With new technology, this simple method of communication can be completely automated.

SMS is very useful in both internal and external communication in the health sector. As one of the leading companies in SMS bulk messaging services, the LabsMobile platform can help you launch and maintain these types of SMS systems.

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