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SMS communication: send clear and effective messages

All forms of communication between humans are characterized by a context. This context may encourage non-verbal communication or verbal communication. In SMS messages we deal with verbal and written communication with a very specific goal: to transmit a message.

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Publication: 06.14.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022

SMS communication

This is why the sender of the message must have some skills that allow him to get the message to the receiver. And that's what we're going to talk about here: SMS messages and how they should be transmitted.

SMS messages are often massive messages that are sent with a clear purpose. The first thing that must be taken into account is the purpose of the message.

In the world of B2C SMS, there are usually 3 purposes:

1  SMS Marketing messages. These are a type of messages with a persuasive purpose. They are used as a mobile marketing strategy.

2 Informative messages and alerts (also known as transactional messages). These are service messages.

3 Messages for the use of verification codes. These are support messages. The purpose can be the direct download of an App, the sending of an access code to a portal or confirming the authorship of an access.

SMS communication: send clear and effective messages

Once we have taken these purposes into account  we must keep in mind that SMS is written communication and requires knowledge, preparation of what you want to transmit, adapting to its purpose and clarity.

Clarity is fundamental in SMS messages. A misplaced message not only can create confusion for the reader; it can also frustrate or irritate. This must be taken into account in the SMS messages that are sent to customers.

  • Effective communication in SMS
  • Effective communication in SMS should not require a continuous mental effort from the message's recipient.
  • So some characteristics of SMS communication are:
  • Clarity in the message.
  • Assertiveness. Say things firmly but unaggressively.
  • Avoid technicalities that the receiver cannot understand.
  • Persuade in marketing messages. To communicate well you need to try to understand the other person's position.
  • Proper tone Do not give moral lessons.
  • Other recommendations of SMS communication

After the words, another important point is the images. Visual messages or visual elements are much more powerful. For example: including images, websites, landing page, documents or videos in the message.

In this regard, at LabsMobile we recommend you watch the tutorials on how to create SMS Landings with the SMS Landings editor of LabsMobile.

Summary of SMS communication:

  1. Plan the message, giving relevant data according to its purpose.
  2. Send relevant data.
  3. Think of the best format and structure.
  4. Think about the visual elements you want to include. Add graphic content, or not.
  5. Select the tone according to the purpose.
  6. Be clear.
  7. Think about the interactivity.
  8. Check and rewrite, if necessary.

LabsMobilehas the perfect platform for you to take all these elements into account, always backed by a support service.

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