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LabsMobile: SMS app for companies

If you are wondering what an SMS app like LabsMobile is about, here is the answer: it is an app that is used to send all the messages you need to your customers at a very competitive price and in a very simple way. You can see the SMS online without any problem. 

Also, keep in mind that you will only pay for what you need. What else could you ask for? We encourage you to use SMS for companies as a marketing channel, your customers will appreciate it. 

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Publication: 09.13.2019
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

How can an app like LabsMobile help you? 

Here we are going to tell you some of the advantages that you get when using this service for your company.

  • Reach all types of customers: being SMS, your information will reach all customers you want, whether they have modern phones or not.
  • A more personal message: you can achieve more empathy with your clients since you will be able to call them by name. This way, they feel like they are being treated in a friendlier way and become interested in the contents of the message.
  • More likelihood of views: when using SMS, it is common that the person it is delivered to reads it. In the case of e-mails, many more are deleted without being opened.
  • Speed: by not having to be aware of the mobile data connection, this service helps you reach your customers quickly without any problem.

LabsMobile: SMS app for companies

  • Savings: this type of service will be very profitable for your company, since today, with applications such as LabsMobile, you have affordable prices for your campaigns.
  • It will make your campaign bigger: thanks to the price of this service you can make your campaign reach more people. Why? Because you can complement it with other forms of advertising.
  • Your company will be well connected: although most people use it only for their customers, you can go a little further. This service can also help you keep your employees and shareholders informed of the latest news about the company. It is an effective method that will save you considerable amounts of time.

Temporary promotions: thanks to the speed of massive SMS you will be able to make temporary campaigns. If you have an offer that you want to reach your customers, it will take very little time for it to be effective and they will be able to know what promotions exist.

Take advantage of the advantages of SMS for companies 

As you may see, an SMS app like LabsMobile will make your company's advertisements reach all types of customers in a more affordable way. Keep in mind that you can send as many SMS as you need and you only have to pay for what you will use. Doesn't it sound good?

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