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SMS: A useful tool in B2B marketing

Marketing SMS has become a very useful communication tool, due to factors such as immediacy.

In a world where advertising is bombarding us every day, it is increasingly important to be original and unique when planning a marketing campaign. Knowing how to use channels of communication effectively is key to standing out from your competitors.

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Publication: 09.05.2017
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

In recent years, advancements in technology have made mobile phones a very useful tool for advertising actions. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone and it has become an essential device in our lives.

With this in mind, SMS marketing has become a very useful communication tool due to its immediacy – customers are likely to read an SMS in under an hour – and its effectiveness compared to email campaigns. Many customers don’t read emails, or they are placed directly in the junk folder.

SMS offers a wide range of possibilities. SMS Marketing campaigns are not only effective for direct communication with customers, but also for B2B ‘Business to Business’ marketing strategies, which can be surprisingly effective.

Business to Business Messages

In the B2B channel, the rules of SMS marketing are different from a normal marketing campaign. Messages do not address a specific person, but instead, they address a corporation – and your SMS must be adapted for this recipient. Let's look at some recommendations to get the best results from your B2B SMS messaging campaign:

  • Clearly indicate the sender of the message: It’s important that the recipient knows, without even opening the message, exactly who it has come from.
  • Avoid sending messages at the weekend: To get better results from your messages it’s important to adjust to the business hours of the company that your campaign is targeting. Sending an SMS over the weekend or at an inappropriate time may negatively affect your brand or business.
  •  Concentrate your messages to 11.00 - 13.00: Between these hours of the working day is when workers usually have meetings. Sending messages at this time are more effective than sending them in the afternoon, for example.
  • Use capital letters: Enter keywords in capital letters such as FREE or DISCOUNTS. This will help draw attention to the message and make an impact. Remember it is best not to use more than one keyword in capital letters per message, or the message will lose impact.
  • Include a web address with more information: Add your website URL to the end of the message. This will allow the customer to get more information about your campaign immediately. If your web address is too long, you can abbreviate it using a URL shortener.
  • Make your customers feel special: It is important that you make the content of your SMS feel exclusive, and that customers feel special for receiving offers and discounts. Do not send them offers that are available on your website or ones that you have already openly promoted. Instead, try to customize the content of your messages to the maximum, including the name of the business you’re sending it to, and any other information you have that is relevant to them.

SMS: A useful tool in B2B marketing

With these simple tricks you can make your SMS campaigns a lot more effective. In addition, your customers will feel special and highly valued, which will have a positive impact on your business. You're just one step away from increasing your sales, so why not try it out?

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