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Sending SMS messages from your PC: all you can do for your company

Sending SMS messages from your PC allows you to maintain close contact with your customers. The impact of coronavirus is being felt in all industries, but that does not prevent you from providing your services from home. In times of crisis and scarcity it is necessary to sharpen one's wits and try new methods to take care of business.

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Publication: 04.24.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022
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Send SMS messages to reach your customers

As a result of the crisis, many companies have taken advantage of various channels to reach their customers. Sending SMS is one of them.

This allows you to keep your contact list up to date with your services. Using this channel will bring you great advantages, since social networks are full of users talking about the virus and other issues which can make it difficult to spread your message.

In this situation, SMS messages ensure that your customers can place the orders they need, keep up to date with your news, and that you can carry out marketing campaigns even in this situation and manage the sending of important information.

It is a direct, fast, easy-to-use channel that will not be as saturated as the others.

Of course, the catering industry, clothing and supply stores, among other businesses, are the ones that benefit from this channel. And they can also cope with the effects of the closure to the public by taking their products directly to their customers' homes.

A useful alternative: SMS messages

Nowadays, you don't have to use a mobile phone to send SMS, which would only complicate sending the messages. With a computer, the appropriate software and a database with the list of your customers' phones will allow you to perform all the actions you need.

It's as simple as managing the delivery of emails, but with the great advantage that, right now, most of your customers will be more aware of their phone or using it more often. Thus, the chances of meeting the objectives you set, whether it is to promote a campaign or generate a turnover, increase.

Send SMS messages from your PC 

In addition, it is a less intrusive and faster method than making a phone call. You can customize the message as you wish, from tone to length, which gives you the ability to personalize the message to reach your buyers in a segmented way. You can even share the files you need, so using them for internal communication within your company is also an option.

In brief, sending SMS messages from your PC allows you to reach your customers in these difficult times and keep your business running. Send SMS messages to take care of your contacts, especially if you are looking to strengthen your brand image.

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