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Sending SMS messages from your PC. Is this possible?

Times have changed and nowadays we need more speed when it comes to performing our tasks. Sending SMS messages from a PC is already a reality, what you are going to be able to gain from that is the ability to carry out promotion campaigns for your company and to let all your clients get your news at the same time. Sounds great, right? Continue reading, we will explain everything to you!

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Publication: 11.13.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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Is it possible to send SMS messages from a PC? 

The answer is yes, sending SMS messages from a PC is possible, there are apps that help you do it in a very short time. It is a modern de marketing tool, you only have to let yourself be carried away by new trends and take care of your clients so that they do not leave for a competitor.

Main advantages of this service

Below, we tell you the advantages you can get from sending SMS from a PC for your company:

1 Ease to connect: because they are SMS messages, a data connection will not be needed for the audience to receive the information you wish to send.

2 Speed: you will not have problems related to the system being saturated, so, by choosing this option, you will get instant delivery.

3 Economy: it is a very economical way of brand advertising; you will have no problems thanks to the offer of services such as LabsMobile.

4 Novelty: not many companies use this service, so, if you choose to do it, it will be something new for your clients and they will stop to read what you want to tell them.

5 Personalized service: choosing this marketing strategy, you can personalize the messages you send with no problems, for instance, calling the clients by their name, which is a way of creating proximity and trust.

 Choose LabsMobile 

There are many services of this kind, but not all of them offer what you are looking for. At LabsMobile we have more than 10 years’ experience in the market, many clients have chosen us thanks to our seriousness and our extra competitive prices.

One of the greatest advantages of LabsMobile is that you are only going to pay for what you use, also, you have the option to choose any of the packs that we offer.  

You will also be able to customize all the SMS messages you want to send to your clients without any problems. What you get from this is that every client feels unique and decides to opt for your services instead of the services that your competitors offer.


Join the trend

Marketing and advertising have changed, you have to join the new initiatives so that your customers do not feel that you are lagging behind. Sending SMS messages in bulk to promote your services is an ideal option because of all the advantages that we have shown to you. What are you waiting for? Don’t think twice! 

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