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Sending SMS as a method to recover clients

Since the new normal started, now it’s more necessary than ever to send messages to clients to show them that the business has come back to its normal rhythm and you can tend to their needs. 

An option that never fails because of its versatility is sending SMS, as even senior clients have in their terminals the possibility of receiving text messages.

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Publication: 07.02.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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SMS is still a very valid tool you can use to communicate with users and clients alike, as they are not so used to receiving this type of content. Besides, SMS has a higher possibility of being opened than other mediums, such as emails or publicity.

Sending SMS is the solution to recover lost clients

Once the period of confinement is over, many companies, like gyms, have problems to catch their clients again and tell them their premises are fully open. As a company, you can refresh your image for clients to see and make them feel you are on their side when sending this type of message with valuable content for them. Besides, sending text messages is an affordable and profitable alternative if you want to carry out a campaign to launch your products and services.

An SMS campaign allows you to reach users in an instantaneous to improve your response, especially when compared with other types of communication like email, that are sent constantly to the user.

New SMS is much more than text

If you still think about SMS as simple messages with plain text, you are wasting a great opportunity to take your content to your clients, be it your website or a marketing online campaign. The opportunities that are offered when it comes to recapturing lost users during the pandemic by using messages are big. From campaigns to reminders. On the other hand, this type of service has a reduced cost if it’s compared with traditional publicity campaigns, which are usually less personalized. 

Another function of sending SMS is that it’s possible to personalize content and make the message unique according to the type of client. This makes it easier for you to approach your users in a close, direct way, so they can retain in their memories the message you want to transmit.

Sending SMS is a good idea

When you compare the effectiveness of different ways to get to clients, sending SMS has advantages over email marketing, telemarketing, physical ads, and traditional media. Email marketing, for example, has a very low open rate, telemarketing is too intrusive, and the other two options are very expensive.

On the other hand, text messages are usually opened quickly, they are not intrusive, and have a very low cost per message. All in all, sending messages is the most effective way to get to your clients and to make them remember you.

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