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Sending concatenated SMS, long texts messages

SMS messages are one of the most effective methods when carrying out a digital marketing campaign. They have different characteristics and advantages that place them above other alternatives, such as emails or phone calls. It's not only about regular text messages, there are several tools that can be used to improve their effectiveness.

One of these functions is known as concatenated messages. In general terms, a standard SMS has a 160-character limit. However, it is possible to extend this capacity and send longer messages. This process is known as concatenated messages. They are useful when you want to send information within the SMS and the characters are not enough. Let's see then how to use them in an effective way through the LabsMobile platform.

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Publication: 12.21.2020
Última modificación: 04.20.2022
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What are concatenated messages?

Concatenated is synonymous with joined and juxtaposed. Hence, a concatenated message is the union of multiple parts to send a single text message longer than usual. These SMS allow you to exceed the limit of 160 characters of an ordinary message.

Through this system, a long text message can be cut into several parts, which fall within the limits of the text message. So,

  • Each of them has a header, which indicates the order of the set.
  • When the recipient gets the concatenated message, the mobile phone sorts each one of its parts according to the heading and displays the entire text in one piece.
  • Each of the headings of the different parts occupies characters. Therefore, the concatenated messages allow 153 characters, instead of the typical 160.

How are concatenated SMS sent?

In order to send text messages that exceed 160 characters, you must use a concatenated SMS. This feature is available in all submission forms. At the moment of sending the message, the platform indicates the total amount of characters. In case there are more than 160 characters, and the message becomes a concatenated SMS, it also indicates the number of credits you consume.

LabsMobile allows you to send this kind of message, both from its WebSMS platform and also from an API. In order to do this, the platform includes a service called SMSLong. The maximum capacity in concatenated messages is 459 characters.

Activating the SMSLong service in your user account does not have an additional cost. Regarding the messages, it will depend exclusively on the size and number of characters. The message that does not exceed 160 characters consumes 1 credit. When it is between 160 and 306 characters, it will cost 2 credits. Finally, those messages that contain more than 307 characters, up to the limit of 459, require 3 credits.

Sending concatenated SMS, long texts messages

There are two reasons for the 459-character limit. Firstly, the operators in different countries are limited in the size of the messages, so if they were longer, it would not be possible to send them. Secondly, the effectiveness of long statements is low compared to standard text messages. In this way, it is counterproductive for the marketing campaign.

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