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Send SMS with emojis in the WhatsApp style

Using SMS as a part of your digital marketing campaign allows you to send different types of content, not only pure text. The use of a landing page or a QR code has become very common, but there’s also another resource you can use: emojis.

Also known as emojis, they have become very widespread due to instant messaging apps like Whatsapp or Facebook. It’s a very useful resource for communication with a visual impact that, many times, works better than words. 

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Publication: 03.22.2021
Última modificación: 04.20.2022

Emojis can be added to your SMS to generate a bigger impact and to engage your clients. It’s a not-so-well-known tool used at the time that can bring about important benefits.

Using emojis in SMS

Using emojis will allow you to use a more friendly tone without being informal. It is a type of day to day communication between clients and companies. The popularity of emojis means that the receiver knows them and are used to seeing them, so they can generate an important visual impact to strengthen the message.

Using emojis also means using a modern communication language, ideal to connect in a deeper way with a younger public. There are a lot of emojis that can be used in several different ways.

Which are the most used emojis?

The most used emojis are faces. Each one of them shows something different, such as joy, emotion, surprise, anger, etc. For example, you can use a happy emoji to accompany a birthday greeting. You can also use a happy face for the winner of a raffle. In special occasions, such as Saint Valentine’s, you can use a face with hearts or in Christmas, a Santa emoji or a Christmas tree.

  • Another option is to use emojis that represent some kind of business. A shop that sells sports articles can send promotions together with an emoji that represents the product, such as a football ball. A vet, a pharmacy, a food shop, all of them have emojis to use.
  • Emojis can also strengthen a message. A due payment reminder can go with a clock. An important notification can go with some bells that indicate an alert. A product with a high-quality offer can be represented with some stars.

The number of emojis available is very big, so you can use your creativity to include them in your SMS. This will depend on the circumstances, the objective of the message, or the type of company.

Send SMS with emojis 

The LabsMobile platform allows you to send messages with emojis using Unicode messages. This is a code method, thanks to which receivers can see the emojis.

The main difference with respect to the traditional format is the number of characters available in the SMS. When sending a Unicode message with emojis, the maximum capacity is 70 characters. Try them today and take a look at the effect they have on your clients using the LabsMobile platform.

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