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Send SMS using your Visual Basic app or

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    Sending corporate information or keeping in touch with your clients using SMS was never as easy. We would like to tell you more about how to use Visual Basic code to integrate our SMS API in Labsmobile, a system that will allow you to connect to the sending and receiving platform from any app thanks to a small integration. In the same way, and given its features, it allows for any programming language, which means it’s compatible with any environment. 

    Integrate your Visual Basic app or with our SMS platform

    This is a programming language used in coding with the goal of creating Windows apps. This allows for easy coding using a graphic interface where you can incorporate different elements. In this case, it’s useful to manage and program the app that we will use to send mass SMS to clients, users, or any receiver.

    Description of LabsMobile’s API 

    Thanks to LabsMobile’s API, you’ll be able to connect any app to our platform, which is useful for both sending and receiving SMS. For this, you’ll only have to integrate it using a simple programming code that we will give you for your apps. 

    With our API, you’ll be able to: 

    • Send SMS in an individual or massive way. 
    • Schedule SMS for any hour or day. 
    • Receive SMS. 
    • Check if your messages were sent.
    • Know if there’s money in the account. 
    • Check the price of SMS in your country using LabsMobile’s platform. 
    • Create and manage sub-accounts
    • Carry out 2FA processes using OTD codes (one-usage passwords). 

    Send SMS using your Visual Basic app or

    To make it even simpler we have developed different versions of the API that can be implemented in different environments or technologies. All of them are standard and compatible with any programming language. Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences!

    API http/JSON: Sending http/POST with parameters in format JSON. This format is adapted to any environment. It favors efficiency when it comes to coding and decoding data. Besides, this is very intuitive and presents high legibility of data, improving their interpretation. 

    Next, we will present an example of a programming code for with our JSON API:


    Dim myReq As HttpWebRequest
    Dim myResp As HttpWebResponse
    myReq = HttpWebRequest.Create(“”)
    myReq.Method = “POST”
    myReq.ContentType = “application/json”
    myReq.Headers.add(“Authorization”, “Basic “ & Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(“myusername:mypassword”)))
    Dim myData As String = “{\”message\“:\”Text of the SMS message\“, \”tpoa\“:\”Sender\“,\”recipient\“:[{\”msisdn\“:\”12015550123\“},{\”msisdn\“:\”447400123456\“},{\”msisdn\“:\”5212221234567\“}]}”
    myReq.GetRequestStream.Write(System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(myData), 0, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(myData).Count)
    myResp = myReq.GetResponse
    Dim myreader As New System.IO.StreamReader(myResp.GetResponseStream)
    Dim myText As String
    myText = myreader.ReadToEnd


    API http/POST JSON: It includes examples with code in


    API http/GET: Maybe, this is the most simple and easy to integrate. With this API, you can send SMS if you want to promote a URL. You only need to include a link within the parameters of the message (phone number, text, receiver, etc) within the URL with GET parameters. So, you need to code the data, making them a part of the link to include. 

    API http/GET: Manual and a complete description.

    Examples of http/GET code to program in

    Examples of http/GET code to program in Visual Basic


    API http/POST XML: The parameters are coded in variables POST in XML format. This is a technology we recommend for PHP and web environments. 


    API http/POST XML: Manual and a complete description.

    Examples of code in http/POST_XML of coding in

    Examples of code in http/POST_XML of coding in  Visual Basic


    API WebService: We recommend this API for technology and .NET languages. Its main strength is its simplicity when integrating the API, which is compatible with any platform and languages that use SOAP methods. 


    API WebService: a complete description

    Instructions for API Webservice when coding in


    SMTP-Mail: This API  is thought for proprietary environments or those without access to the app’s code. And as we want to give you all the possible options and make it easy to manage the API, this method consists in sending an email to a LabsMobile email address. Then, our platform will transform that email into an SMS. Read the instructions to know more about how to send the email with a specific format for it to become an SMS.


    API Mail2SMS: Instructions

    As you can see, thanks to programming in Visual Basic to integrate it with our SMS API you will be able to send and receive mass SMS to your clients, manage their answers, work on your brand communication, etc. 

    Possible usages of the LabsMobile SMS API in your Visual Basic app.

    Thanks to the LabsMobile SMS API you can add a great variety of functions to your apps, like: 

    • Appointment reminders via SMS.
    • Sending of passwords or SMS codes.
    • Alerts to send notifications about important events. 
    • Sending info to clients about their orders. 
    • Inbound marketing campaigns via SMS.


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