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Send SMS messages, all available on a single online platform

Sending SMS messages is an advertising strategy that will be very for your company’s communication plan because of its simplicity and efficiency. For this, there are companies, such as LabsMobile, that offer you a successful, fast and convenient way to communicate with future customers through massive SMS messages, with offers and promotions. 

By using an online platform to send SMS, you are betting on a form of advertising that will have a great impact on your final results.

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Publication: 09.27.2019
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Services of an online platform for the mass sending of SMS

From an online page for sending massive text messages you can manage all the functions of sending, creating and programming advertising information. In addition, you will have the possibility of being Reseller with a white label and creating personalized hosting plans.

You will have many templates created by professionals, with striking designs and a wide variety of functions available. Of course, you can adapt the chosen template so that the design is professional and offers seriousness to customers.

Send SMS messages, all available on a single online platform

When betting on this type of virtual platforms, you will have the guarantee of having an expert advisory team in the sector and help you in the doubts that may arise. On some occasions, you can try the service for free during the agreed trial time.

The virtual platform itself will use its connections to guarantee maximum security in the transmission and processing of your customers’ data. Do not forget that this service is professional and everything is prepared so that you can achieve sure success.

Benefits of sending SMS messages through a virtual platform

Here are a series of benefits that you will acquire by using this very practical resource:

1 You will not need a data network for advertising or information to reach the chosen audience. Today almost all people have mobile phones                 and that is why the scope of this strategic tool is an optimal way for your company to attract customers.

2 By using a virtual platform, you will ensure that messages arrive directly and quickly to the chosen recipients. Statistics indicate that 50% of text messages are opened in less than five minutes since they were sent.

3 Text messages do not saturate the communication and, in addition, it is the same customers who need to give their consent to receive publicity. Therefore, your SMS marketing strategy can be a main sales channel.

4 The investment you must make when using an online page of massive messages will be recovered in a short time with the benefits obtained. We can consider it a very economical service.

5 You can analyze in detail the statistics of who, when and how they react to the messages sent, for example geolocating users and discarding inactive users.

In conclusion, sending SMS messages through an online marketing system will give you the opportunity to be direct with your customers and get closer to them, good results with little investment and improve the shopping experience. 

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