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How to send SMS links?

A SMS link is one of the most useful factors in order to be more successful in your campaigns. It involves including certain URL in your sms so that users can visit your page from the message itself.

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Publication: 11.20.2018
Última modificación: 11.09.2022

How to send SMS links? How to use SMS links?

To use a SMS with a link you have to include a hyperlink that leads to a page. Try to shorten the link to avoid wasting characters.

It is recommended that it be placed at the beginning or at the end of the text, so as not to interject the information. Finally, include a link that is http: // for the user to see the preview of the link. That is, an image that catches your attention.

They have several uses:

  • Help to increase sales. If you hyperlink to your products, you can get good conversion rates.
  • Way to generate traffic. You usually click on those links quite frequently. This rate will depend on the interest of the content and the intelligence with which you have divided up your audience.

There are several examples of SMS with a link: call to action, attach maps or with links to a landing page on your website.

What is a SMS landing page?

It is a page specifically adapted for browsing from mobile phones. Think that when sending a SMS, users will access it from their mobile devices. Therefore, the landing page that receives them will have to be in perfect condition to navigate through it. And be visually attractive so that users do not leave it.

It is also worth noting the great effectiveness of this method. On one hand, everyone uses their mobile phone every day, and purchases and navigation from these devices do not stop increasing. And, finally, the SMS is a medium in which advertising has not yet been exploited, so the public is not immunized against it.

Having a mobile-optimized landing page is the best strategy to offer your users the best experience. In addition, optimizing this whole process will help you increase your conversions.

At LabsMobile we have a tool that allows you to create 100% customizable SMS landings.

This way, your customer will not have the feeling of being in a standard form. On the contrary.

Thanks to LabsMobile Editor you will be able to create a totally unique page. This practical tool, easy to use and very intuitive, allows you to use templates, add interchangeable modules to structure the information, adjust parameters and much more.

We leave you an explanatory video in case you want to know a little more about our tool.


What you have to take into account if you send a link in your sms?

To achieve a more positive impact with your SMS messages, it is advisable to customize your domain.

When you send an SMS with a link, you have to try to generate maximum confidence in the recipients, make them see that it is your brand (which they trust) that sends the link.

To do this we recommend you to customize your domain so that the SMS recipients trust its content and do not believe that the link is fraudulent.


It is advisable to add a preview of the link.

If you are going to send the offer of a product (for example; a pair of sneakers, sunglasses, a cell phone, a tablet...) this may be of interest to you, because it allows you to show the product. 

On the other hand, if what you are going to send is a service and the preview is a stock image, we recommend you not to do it. 

Remember that the preview also has and can provide value, and that the SMS is still limited to 160 characters, so you should identify your needs.

Other things to keep in mind if you add a link to your sms

If you add a link, one of the most important things to do is to analyze its performance.

Data speaks, it tells stories that can help our business to identify, understand, react and optimize. That is why the analytics of our SMS campaigns are so relevant to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Once you have created your SMS campaign and activated it, you will need a good tool that allows you to study the different factors of your campaign.

In LabsMobile we not only have a platform that allows you to create your SMS campaigns and make mass mailings, it also gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor the messages sent
  • Export message lists
  • Confirm day/time of delivery
  • Receive a detailed description of errors
  • Analyze sent message statistics
  • Check interactions (clicks)
  • Compare different campaigns you have run

Do you want to do a free trial of sending sms with link?

If you want to test the operation of this type of campaigns, we invite you to sign up for the LabsMobile free trial and test the platform and all its features.

You will be able to access 10 free credits and contact the support team in case you need personalized assistance.

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