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Satisfaction surveys using SMS

Companies usually use satisfaction surveys as techniques to know the opinion of their clients. They can be used to know more about an array of topics. For example, how much attention people are paying to the company, a special service like home delivery, among others. Thanks to them, companies can get information to improve their product and attract more users.

Thanks to digital marketing, it’s a lot easier to carry out a satisfaction survey, especially when using an SMS. This is a quick and simple-to-use method, that allows you to reach a massive public and obtain an important answer rate.

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Publication: 10.05.2020
Última modificación: 06.15.2022

How do SMS platforms work?

Companies can use platforms that specialize in sending text messages, such as LabsMobile. They are designed to make the process easier, with all the necessary tools to achieve your objectives.

So, you only need to write the message and select the receivers, no matter how many they are. For this, you will need a good database. Companies usually store information about their clients, such as phone numbers. If you don’t have a database or if you want to reach a massive public outside your habitual clients, you have the option of renting a database.

Using a mobile database allows for two main functions when using satisfaction surveys:

  • On the one hand, you can personalize your SMS. When you know your public, you can establish more direct communication so it doesn’t look like SPAM or automatic messages.
  • On the other hand, you can segment your poll. It’s possible to divide them into categories by making different types of questions. For example, only for men, for women, for people between 20 and 30, etc.

Advantages of SMS surveys

Satisfaction polls using SMS bring about other advantages. One of them is to gain a high level of readability and participation from receivers (much higher than with emails). Also, SMS are sent quickly and receivers instantly react to the notification on their mobile device.

Types of polls using SMS

There are two main formats when it comes to satisfaction surveys than can be done via SMS.

  • The first of them is a simple poll, with basic answers. This is a simple format, that requires a short answer to a specific question. It can be something simple like “are you satisfied with our customer support service? YES or NO”. The client can answer in just a few seconds.
  • The second option is a more complex poll, with multiple questions, that require longer and more profound answers. In these cases, the messages are accompanied by an external link. The client has to click on the link, which takes it to the real poll.

Satisfaction surveys using SMS.

To check the reach of a customer satisfaction poll via SMS, the LabsMobile platform offers the companya control panel where all the information is stored. From there, you can analyze all the data, such as how many messages were sent, received, and failed, how many clicks were made on the link, and much more!

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