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RESTful OneAPI SMS Interface

Access to RESTful OneAPI SMS Interface now available at LabsMobile.

This month we've launched a new version of our API, and this time we've developed a version of OneAPI Interface v3 which provides access to SMS messaging services and confirmation receipts.

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Publication: 05.24.2016
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

One API is an initiative by the GSM Association and from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). It's made up of a web-friendly, standard API (Application Programming Interfaces) series which defines communication between CSPs (Communications Service Providers).

RESTful OneAPI SMS Interface

We've developed the RESTful OneAPI SMS Interface v3 for sending SMS messages and receiving changes in status of sent messages. You can find all the information about this API in our section API&Docs and in the manual, which describes in detail the protocol of the communication methods and services available.

The technology utilized in calls to OneAPI is http/POST with variables in JSON format. This format allows for the coding of data in the messages, and also for user authentication in the http/POST call.

The importance of OneAPI, and its main benefit, is developing calls which are common to all the gateways or providers that implement this type of API. A client can therefore connect with one or various providers without the additional effort of integration. With simply a change in URL and of username/password, the provider changes.

Our technical department is always available to help you resolve any doubts about SMS, or for if you want to know more about the OneAPI SMS Interface.

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