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Possible use cases of Verified SMS and a comparison with regular SMS

As we explained in our previous post about Verified SMS, this type of message adds the feature of sender verification and a new view of business SMS, which makes these messages more reliable and safer. 

Users can see logos and the name of the company in the sender field, together with a verification badge. This can help companies become more trusted and prevent scams like phishing. Also, it generates a better user experience and brand awareness. 

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Publication: 11.11.2021
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Differences between a Verified SMS and a non-verified SMS

It’s important for users and clients to see the difference between a verified SMS and one that is not. 

Regular SMS do not carry the name of the brand or the logo. And the security in this case is limited. In turn, Verified SMS have the name of the business together with the logo at the beginning of the message, in the superior part.

On the other hand, regular SMS have limited interaction, while Verified SMS can have link previews and brand messages. 

Possible use cases in Verified SMS and compare regular SMS

Verified SMS can have many uses for daily interactions in many sectors: banking and finances, technology, retail and logistics are among the most used. 

1 Verified SMS in banking and finances

The SMS of this sector can help transmit trust to users besides: 

  • Prevent fraud alerts
  • Help in the creation of 2 step authentication
  • Sending invoices or bank statements

2 Verified SMS in the Travel field

Travelling is another sector where users who receive Verified SMS transmit trust and security about the veracity of the message. We talk about, for example, sending Verified SMS with:

  • A boarding pass
  • Tickets
  • QR codes
  • Promotions or discount codes
  • Double authentication messages for users

3 Using Verified SMS in Technology  

Technology is one of the main sectors for using Verified SMS. We are talking about mobile apps, technological device repair, management software, CRMs, ecommerce, etc. who can solve many security aspects by using Verified SMS. 

Possible uses of Verified SMS in technology:

  • Authentification of users using codes
  • Nofitication of errors or server failures
  • Product reviews  
  • User validation
  • Direct communication with clients 
  • SMS to manage bookings
  • Fraud alerts
  • Sending promotional campaigns
  • Viral messages in mobile apps and sites
  • Confirmation of preview bookings
  • Notification of changes in the status of online deliveries

4 The Retail sector and sending Verified SMS

The retail sector takes care of selling goods and services to the end consumers and for this reason it’s very important for them to communicate with buyers in a reliable way. 

Besides, traditional retail will need to renew their marketing strategies to compete with other businesses and digital platforms. Verified SMS can help you earn people’s loyalty based on trust in the brand. 

Some use cases of Verified SMS are:

  • Promotion or discount campaigns
  •  Communicating available stock
  • Season or weekly offers
  • Appointment reminder
  • Product reviews
  • Buying reminders
  • Tracking deliveries
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Notification of product pick up
  • Send opening schedules
  • Information about events or other activities
  • Stock clearing or last units

5 Verified SMS Verificados and the Logistics sector

For the distribution and logistics of companies, Verified SMS can be very important and this is why companies should have total trust in communication in the chain of distribution, the management of production, and also in tasks related to purchases or providers.

Some use cases can be:

  • Delivery notifications
  • Delivery tracking
  • 2-step verification

So, Verified SMS can help clients to recognize messages from businesses without falling into scams.

Verified SMS in LabsMobile

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