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Personalize senders and names in SMS

When carrying out a marketing campaign, the main objective is to obtain the best possible results. This is in addition to their objectives (which can be selling products, making people subscribe to a service, completing a poll, among others). For this reason, you will need to use all the available resources.

One of them is the personalization of SMS (text messages). It has been proven that messages destined to people have a bigger impact and generate better results than those with generic statements. In this post, then, we would like you to learn to personalize the sender and the names you include in an SMS using the LabsMobile platform.

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Publication: 12.01.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Personalize senders and names in SMS

The sender is the first field of an SMS. In general, it has a limit of 11 characters, between numbers and letters. In a marketing campaign, you can personalize this sender. It’s also important to remkart that personalizing the sender is only possible in some countries. 

The biggest advantage this has is to be able to identify yourself from the beginning. Instead of a strange number, the receiver will see the name of your company. This increases the open rate and gives more professionalism to the campaign.

How to achieve personalization in a campaign

For starters, personalizing each message in a massive campaign looks like a tedious task. However, a platform like LabsMobile allows you to do this in a simple and automatic way using dynamic fields. They work in an easy manner:

  • The platform lets you pre-design a message. It’s also possible to use a dynamic field to complete automatically when using data from a database. For example, “hello (dynamic field). Take advantage of this offer and save up to 20% in your next purchase”. 
  • To carry out this process, it’s important to have a database. Most companies have their own methods to store their clients’ data and only have to import this information using the platform. 
  • Subscriptions are a key element to make up a database. If you don’t have one or if you’d like to reach a new public, you can rent a database. 

Personalize sms

Regardless of the database being yours or not, it’s important that the database is updated. For the correct functioning of dynamic fields, you need to use files in compatible formats, such as CSV (which corresponds to an Excel file). The information includes names and surnames, gender, and birthday, all of which in a different cell. 

The main advantages of personalizing SMS

As we already mentioned, personalizing text messages gives more efficiency to final results of an SMS campaign. Generic messages without personal detail are not so impactful and clients can end up ignoring them in some cases. They don’t feel important and the content of the messages look like chains sent to everybody.

In turn, a personalized message has another effect. When people see their names, they feel important, generating a deeper relationship (and long-term, too!). Then, it has more possibilities to persuade clients to carry out a certain action. Start personalizing your messages using LabsMobile and see how your results change!

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