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Original Merry Christmas SMS messages. Types of SMS messages

Christmas is a good time of the year to create an SMS marketing campaign with high chances of obtaining a good return in advertising investment.

Today we want to talk about the types of messages that must be created to increase sales in Christmas campaigns with SMS.

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Publication: 12.18.2018
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

We will tell you why this strategy works and how to create the perfect message so that campaigns are more likely to succeed.

Christmas and SMS messages, a great opportunity.

Christmas is a good time of year to create an SMS marketing campaign. Also, with high probabilities of obtaining a good return in advertising investment. This is due to people usually going shopping more during the holiday season.  We spend a lot more money making gifts to our family and friends. And more and more users use their smartphones as the main, essential tool to see options for Christmas shopping.

On the other hand, SMS campaigns are a great option to send Christmas or end of year greetings to customers. This way, you remind them that you are "there" for them.

Many people think that it might be better to do e-mail marketing campaigns, but the reality is that several studies show that SMS messages are more likely to be read than e-mails.

Original Merry Christmas SMS messages

In LabsMobile we want to help you with all kinds of campaigns:

  • Christmas or New Year greeting.
  • Raffles or contests to win a Christmas bundle.
  • Special Promotion discounts, 2x1, etc.
  • Business Event Reminders.
  • Shopping delivery tracking.

Types of SMS messages that you must create to sell during Christmas.

We already know that this is a great opportunity, but we must emphasize that if text messages adapted to this period of the year are not created, the success will not be the same.

The objective should be to convince the reader to buy the product that is being offered. And for this, we recommend that you use a few types of SMS messages to convince them. Messages related to the Christmas season.


These are some recommendations that we must take into account:

1- Include images and videos.

For the strategy to be more likely to work effectively, we recommend including videos and images about Christmas in text messages.

It is proven that content in images is much more eye-catching than written content. So it is important that this is taken into account.

With LabsMobile there is also the option to send UNICODE messages with emoticons. This helps to build loyalty and give value to customers who trust the brand.

2- Have a good sender.

The message subject, or in the case of the SMS, the sender, is the first thing that the people who receive the messages see, for that reason, it is important that it is written correctly and that the person who receives it knows exactly who it is from.

In this other post, you can see how the sender can be customized: SMS custom sender.

3- Guarantee the delivery of SMS messages.

It is important to have a platform that allows the delivery of messages instantly. This way, you can ensure that all offers, promotions, and new product launches arrive simultaneously to the entire database.

4- Time the deliveries.

Of course, the holidays will not be waiting to send SMS messages to the entire customer database. It is for this reason that you can leave them programmed on the LabsMobile platform and you will not have to worry anymore.

Now you can be the first to send advertising at the start of the new year without being charged more, like on TV.

Examples of phrases to create beautiful SMS that work at Christmas.

Next, we want to provide some phrases that can help you develop beautiful SMS messages that move the readers and help increase the return in investment of the campaign.

Examples of greeting messages:

  • We wish the celebration of these holidays to be the beginning of many new joys for you.
  • We hope that during this new year your routines become adventures, your sorrows become joys and your anger becomes good humo
  • Thinking about going on vacation at the last minute? To congratulate you on Christmas we send you the best Last Minute
  • Create an SMS Landing page for free and link it to your mobile website

Create an SMS Landing with our SMS Landings editor and attach it to your SMS Christmas greeting.

Your database users can open the URL of the link and see the optimized Landing Page.

Our Landings editor allows you to create a Christmas greeting by modifying colors, images and everything you want for free. For the company, the cost is the same as a normal SMS, but for the customer, it is a world of possibilities.

We hope this information helps create good marketing campaigns for Christmas with SMS messages. To ensure a truly effective strategy, all successful solutions are available in LabsMobile.

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