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New local SMS route to Ecuador

We now have a local route for SMS sending and campaigns to Ecuador!

The new local SMS route to Ecuador has been launched this June 2023, giving users the opportunity to send text messages more economically and directly to all mobile operators in the country. 

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Publication: 07.12.2023

This route offers lower rates per SMS message, resulting in significant savings for those looking to send mass messaging campaigns or send regular messages to recipients in Ecuador.

To use this new local route, it is necessary to comply with some specific requirements that we will explain below that have to do with the registration and content of the messages.

Features of the local SMS route to Ecuador

The local SMS route to Ecuador has several important features:

  • Exclusive access for businesses and companies with RUC number: This route is specifically designed for businesses and companies that are registered in Ecuador and have a RUC (Registro Único de Contribuyente) number. This ensures that only legal entities can benefit from SMS sending services through this route.
  • Sender with four-digit shortcode: Senders using this route will have a four-digit shortcode assigned as an identifier. This shortcode will be displayed as the sender of the SMS message and will allow recipients to identify the source of the message.
  • 160 character length limit: Messages sent via this route are limited to a maximum of 160 characters. No concatenated messages are allowed, which means that each message must fit within this length limit. In addition, the length of variables used in the message must be taken into account to ensure that the entire message does not exceed 160 characters.
  • Restrictions on special characters: Special characters are not allowed in SMS messages sent through this route. This includes accents, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation marks, the letter "ñ" and other special characters. Messages must consist of standard alphanumeric characters only.
  • Operator delivery confirmation: In all cases, a delivery confirmation will be provided by the mobile operator. This confirmation ensures that the SMS has been delivered correctly and that the operator assumes responsibility for the delivery.

These features ensure that the local SMS delivery route to Ecuador is used efficiently and complies with local regulations and requirements. By following these guidelines, companies can send reliable and effective text messages via this route.

Pre-registration of SMS templates

For sending with this local route it is necessary to pre-register the content templates.

And therefore it is necessary to request the local sending route, communicate the necessary data and wait for its activation in your LabsMobile account. These are the required data:

  • RUC number
  • Company name
  • Description of the use case. I.e., the motivation for sending, time, who are the recipients, 
  • Text/s of the messages to be sent with the corresponding variables.
  • Examples of message text, at least 2 for each type of template.
  • Monthly sending volume for each text or template
  • In the case of marketing messages, add the contract/invoice signed by each recipient and the white list.

LabsMobile, as SMS delivery service provider, will manage the approval of the type of traffic and content template with each of the telephone operators in Ecuador.

It is essential that the company or brand sending the SMS be identified unequivocally and without abbreviations. This ensures that the recipients recognize the origin of the message and a reliable communication is established.

In addition, it is necessary to report on the content template of each message sent so that they are classified and approved independently. This involves providing accurate details about the message content for evaluation and approval by the telephony operators.

The approval process generally takes 24 to 48 hours. However, it is recommended to request approval well in advance in case of rejection situations, misclassification of traffic type or other issues. This allows additional time to resolve any issues and ensure that messages are approved in time for delivery.

Once approval is obtained, you can benefit from a local SMS delivery route with maximum reliability and at a lower cost.

Content variables

In the case of the content templates used in the local route for sending SMS to Ecuador, it is possible to include variables in the texts. Variables are elements of the message that can have a different value in each sending, which allows customization and adaptation of the content to each recipient. Some examples of common variables are codes, amounts, dates and/or times, names and URLs.

When using URLs with variables, it is necessary to clearly specify which part of the URL is fixed, such as the domain or URL structure, and which part is variable, such as a unique identifier, a code, or any other value that changes with each message. This ensures that the URL is constructed correctly on each delivery and that recipients access the corresponding web page or resource.

Types of traffic

Once the information of a use or template has been sent the regulatory entity will classify it with a traffic type. Traffic types can be:

  • Transactional: responses to transactions or events requested by the recipient. Such as order confirmations, account creation, etc.
  • Informational: Non-commercial informational notifications.
  • Collection: collection, non-payment or subscription notifications.
  • Marketing: promotional or commercial content.

Depending on the type of traffic, certain sending schedules are established, and in the case of commercial or marketing messages, additional validation is required.

  • Normal hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
  • Extended hours: extension of the normal schedule for informative and collection messages. This extension must be requested and justified for approval.

24/7 hours for transactional messages.

Commercial or marketing SMS

Traffic types classified as commercial or marketing must request additional approval. In this case the following information is required:

-Contract/Invoice: Actual physical or original empty and digitized contract format from an actual customer. Customers agree in a clause to receive commercial informative or promotional information via SMS and where the customer's name mobile number, ID and signature must be stated.

It must contain:

-The logo and name of the company.

-The identification number, cell phone number and full name of the client to whom the contract is addressed must be clearly defined.

-There must be a clause for receiving information via SMS.

-Signed by the client or recipient.

-White List, which are the clear numbers of customers belonging to the company and who have signed the contract to be able to enter them and allow sending MKT to those numbers. This list must be updated as new customers join the company and want to send them SMS marketing.

How to request local SMS routing to Ecuador?

To request local SMS routing to Ecuador, follow these steps:

Gather the necessary data for the request.

  1. Once LabsMobile receives the request, it will transfer the information to the different telephone operators in Ecuador. Within approximately 24 to 48 hours, you will receive a response from LabsMobile, indicating whether the application has been approved or if any corrections or additional information is needed.  
  2. Once approval has been obtained, LabsMobile will set up the content template and traffic type in the customer's account. It is important to note that any SMS delivery must conform exactly, character for character, to an approved text template. Any message that does not meet the template requirements will be rejected.

By following these steps, you will be able to apply for local SMS routing to Ecuador through LabsMobile and start benefiting from the cheapest rates and maximum reliability in your text message sending to the telephone operators in the country.

Request a customized quote to improve the economic conditions of your sending and campaigns to Ecuador.

Do you have doubts or questions about this local route to Ecuador? Contact our support team and we will be happy to help you.

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