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New feature: buy just the right credits for sending your SMS

LabsMobile has included a new feature in their sending platform. Now, you can buy the exact number of credits you need to send messages, even for multi-country SMS.

Until now, sending SMS meant you needed to know exactly how many credits you needed. In Spain, this is not so difficult because 1 SMS = 1 credit, but this is not the same in other countries.

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Publication: 08.17.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Before, you needed to know the exact information contained in your database and buy an approximate number of credits, with the danger of keeping short while sending messages to clients. 

With this new feature, your calculations can be exact and you can do this at the time of purchasing the credits. 

Steps to send multi-country SMS

  1. Access the platform (make sure you have fiscal data of the account to send SMS)
  2. You need to have a well-prepared database for sending messages to them.
  3. Write the message and add the receiver.
  4. Schedule the date in case this is necessary.
  5. Buy credits from the “sending screen”.

If you already have credits, you can just send the message. But if you don’t or are lacking some, you can go to the section “Buy Credits” to purchase them.

New feature: buy just the right credits for sending your SMS

New function: buy just the right number of credits for sending your SMS

LabsMobile is always including new features to their WebSMS platform. The same happens with the API, so we always give our clients a great service and support.

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