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Mobile payments with SMS: ease the payment process to your clients

Today, society is going through a process of digitalization. Every day new platforms and elements appear that make it easier to work from home. As of the COVID - 19 pandemic, this process was accelerated. 

With the new rules of social distancing and quarantine, companies and clients needed to adapt to these changes

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Publication: 10.27.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Now, one of the main issues is the lack of payments or the delay of them from clients. The pandemic makes people forget about dates or they even have to adapt the use of their resources. However, companies can do something and remind clients of their debts with an SMS. 

Why use SMS?

Text messages are one of the most important digital marketing tools. In the first place, they ensure an open rate of over 90%. Besides, they are easy to read and readers do not forget the message. This is crucial when compared to other methods. 

For example, emails have a much lower open-rate. People who get them do not usually read them at once. They even have a high chance of being considered SPAM and lose their objective. On the other hand, phone calls can also be ineffective. Clients usually reject this type of call. They only pick up to listen to who is on the other side and then hung up, or simply ignore them. 

Have a database

Companies usually have a database with information about their clients. In this way, you can access different phone numbers to communicate with them. The message has to be clear and concise. For example, “Mike, please remember you have a debt to pay that accounts for $X, and it expires on…” You don’t need to waste time with unnecessary data.

SMS with exterbal links

SMS are usually accompanied by external links that take users to a landing page with more information. An example could be a copy of the receipt with details on the debt, or a QR code to make it easier to pay online. 

This option is advisable, as more and more users choose to pay their debts with their mobile phones. There are many platforms for this. In this way, the client can remember their debts and pay from a phone.

Mobile payments with SMS: ease the payment process to your clients

SMS have certain features, like:

  • Personalization: communication via text message allows for personalization. This makes it easier to connect with the client directly. Generic messages usually have a negative response. That is why you always have to address the reader, especially if you are reminding them they owe you money. 
  • Flexible: reminders via SMS are more comfortable for clients. For example, if they were busy during the day, they can use the information in the SMS to pay at night, from their home.
  • Massive: it’s possible to send a big amount of SMS in a short time.

LabsMobile, the most comfortable solution

LabsMobilehas been designed so you can use all its perks in a very comfortable way. You can send messages massively, store your contacts, and even analyze each one of the details from your control panel.

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