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Mobile Marketing: A Complete Guide

Today, mobile phones have become fundamental elements in peoples’ lives. It’s almost impossible to find a person who does not own one. It is so common that people do not even leave their homes without this device. Because of this situation, companies have discovered a new market and the possibility of being closely in touch with their clients and future customers. To succeed in their endeavor, they had to modify their marketing strategy and have an orientation to the digital world. That’s when Mobile Marketing appears.

Mobile Marketing can be defined as the group of techniques and actions related to digital marketing destined to cell phones and mobile devices.

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Publication: 03.25.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Why is it so effective?

As mentioned above, smartphones are used by most people. Different research and studies investigated this behavior with very interesting results, such as:

  • More than 95% of people between 15 and 65 years old use cellphones and other mobile devices.
  • Smartphones are the most common and have an average daily use above 3 hours while tablets are used for half that time.
  • Almost 40% of users who get emails that are not compatible with their phones do not open them later on other devices.
  • When purchasing products, people use their smartphones to find information.
  • 50% of them have purchased online using their phones, for example, in fields like fashion, travel, leisure, and electronics.

What are the advantages?Mobile Marketing: A Complete Guide.

Mobile Marketing has become a key technique to achieve success when launching campaigns. It has a lot of advantages and benefits, among which are: 

  1. It has a low investment: carrying out a Mobile Marketing campaign and getting a positive impact is less costly when compared to marketing campaigns in traditional media.
  2. It’s easier to measure success. In the digital world, all the data is quantifiable and easy to obtain. This way, you can measure the success level a campaign had in terms of certain parameters.
  3. You can communicate directly with clients and do so in a personalized way. It’s possible to know who the client is and craft a special message for him or her.
  4. Best segmentation: it’s possible to design messages or campaigns for specific groups. For example, men between 20-25 years old or women over 30. For that, companies use databases that can be their own or rented.
  5. Messages are immediately transmitted (specially when using SMS Marketing), no matter where the person is because they are sent to their smartphone.
  6. You can use the geolocation feature and obtain feedback regularly.

Mobile Marketing Types 

There are different possible methods to carry out Mobile Marketing. Companies can use many techniques for their campaigns, taking into account their preferences or possibilities. Some of the most popular and with best results are: 

  • Vertical Video Marketing: This technique consists of videos in vertical format which corresponds with cell phones' screens. Videos are effective in vertical format because users do not have to rotate their screens when using their phones. Two social media networks, like Snapchat and Periscope are already using this type of format with ease. A key point is also in the use of subtitles and text on the video because, in many occasions, users do not listen to the audio, either because they can’t or because they have deactivated it at that moment.
  • App Mobile Marketing and In-app Ads: mobile apps are the trendiest options today. So, a company might create its own app to boost online sales, to earn more clients, or other gials. But this should go hand in hand with a marketing campaign. On the other hand, In-app Ads means using publicity within the app, especially designed for smartphones.
  • Local Mobile Marketing: It uses geolocalization to function. It uses keywords related to the zone or city of action, using the acronym of SOLOMO which means Social, Local and Mobile, respectively.
  • Mobile Email Marketing: it’s the marketing campaign specialized in emails, but though directly to be opened in a mobile device. According to statistics, almost 50% of current emails are opened in a smartphone.  
  • Social ads: publicity on social media are becoming increasingly popular. It’s only natural, given that people use it more and more to participate in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other. The greatest advantage social media has is that launching a campaign here has precise segmentation, so your message will be delivered to your target audience exactly. 

SMS Marketing

There are different ways to carry out mobile marketing, like social media, landing pages, or using email, but one of the main techniques is SMS marketing, that is, using text messages. 

We are not talking about simple text messages but about those designed with templates and contain pictures or videos and are very attractive. Each one of these messages has a call to action (CTA), which needs to be clear and concise. It depends on the objective of SMS marketing as it can refer to the purchase of a product, offer a discount, be an invitation, a reminder, a gift, etc. 

Also, text messages can come with an external link or a QR code that adds information. It’s important that the destination is compatible with a mobile device together with easy access and navigation.

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