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Massive SMS to Ecuador

Today, digital marketing is fundamental for the expansion and success of a business. Through the tools that technology gives us, you can elaborate massive, easy, and quick campaigns. An example of this is the massive sending of SMS.

If you are from Ecuador and want to improve your company’s performance, or if you are a foreigner who wishes to expand your business to Ecuador, the LabsMobile platform is ideal. It offers you direct routes with the main operators to achieve an effective and safe high-level service.

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Publication: 01.13.2021
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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Why should you use SMS?

Digital marketing has many variants. However, SMS are more effective and overall better than other methods. The text messages have higher open and reading rates. For this, they are based on instantaneity and their short messages. Many studies have confirmed that people usually read the SMS they get in the first two minutes, and, as they are short, they can memorize their content. 

Advantages of using SMS

When compared to other methods, SMS are superior. For example, emails have a much lower open rate, they are not read at the moment people get them, and they can even end up in the SPAM folder. On the other hand, phone calls have a minimum reach, as they are usually ignored or people hang up in the first seconds. 

With platforms to send SMS massively, you can send an enormous number of messages in an easy, rapid, and simultaneous way. They work using a database, where you can store all the information about the future receivers. 

One of the most extended uses is SMS for recoveries, as the high open rates of these messages and the availability of a payment method with a link is superior, as explained above. 

How to write the messages?

SMS within a digital marketing campaign are not just messages, but they have a structure that allows companies to achieve their objectives. 

1 First, they are personalized for every client, using greetings and their names. This lets people get a more direct and deeper relationship. 

2 Then, the Call to Action is presented, that is, the sentence tries to convince the reader to carry out a certain action. For example, buying a product: “Take advantage of this 20% OFF when shopping this Friday”. 

3 These messages are usually accompanied with an SMS Landing. This is an external link that takes the reader to a special website. They are used because the text message has a limited capacity. 

Massive SMS to Ecuador

So, if you are thinking about sending SMS massively in Ecuador, LabsMobile is the ideal platform for you. This service offers you direct routes to the main operators in the country to achieve total reach. You’ll be able to send all your messages in an easy and comfortable way, be it using the Web application or an integration via API.

You’ll have the possibility of creating a database, importing an existing one or creating a new one. Using the control panel, you can see all this data and the details of the campaign to be analyzed whenever you want. Take advantage of all the possibilities that LabsMobile offers you!

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