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Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is one of the most popular business models at the moment. These are those companies that are dedicated to selling products 100% online. Users enjoy maximum convenience as they shop online and do not need to leave their homes. After completing their purchases, they only have to wait a few days (sometimes even less) before receiving their products at home.

Ecommerce had a growth curve for quite some time, but it was the Coronavirus pandemic that caused a greater increase. Given the closure of many physical stores due to isolation, there was no other option but to resort to online shopping. There, many users discovered Ecommerce and did not abandon it anymore.

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Publication: 03.25.2022
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Types of Marketing strategies for an Ecommerce

The main objective of Ecommerce is to achieve as many sales as possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply different digital marketing strategies. Only then can the highest possible efficiency be achieved.

A business on the web that does not use marketing will have many fewer chances of succeeding, especially in the face of today's intense competition. Nothing is left to chance, but work is done in every possible area.

In that sense, various types of marketing can be carried out to increase the number of sales.

  • Take care of the description of your products for sale

A good description is key to the operation of an eCommerce. The first reason is that it allows the store to enter the main search engines, known as SEO positioning. Through a correct description, and the use of keywords or keywords, the store will appear in search engines such as Google.

In addition, a clear and complete description prevents potential customers from having doubts about the products, which leads them to cancel the purchase. The same goes for avoiding returns, if a customer buys a product thinking it was something different.

  • The website must be Responsive

Currently, web traffic moves through the use of mobile devices. These have far surpassed the use of desktop computers. The same happens with e-commerce sales since users use a mobile or a tablet to make purchases.

If your page is not optimized for mobile browsing, you will be at a serious disadvantage, losing a very large market share. One of the best possible options is to bet on “responsive design”, which allows the website to automatically adapt to different types of devices and screens.

  • The use of multimedia

The visual impact is very important to achieve a sale. The first thing a person sees is a photo, before reading the written words. Therefore, you should have many quality photos throughout your page, without going overboard.

Photos of products with good light and different angles help to illustrate the product for sale. You can even make videos, not only showing the product but also tutorials on its use or assembly, for example.

  • A good payment page

An almost certain conversion can be lost if the checkout page is poorly designed or not responsive. The end of the process is just as important as the beginning. What's more, losing a customer near the end of their purchase can be devastating to your relationship.

Therefore, the payment section has to have certain characteristics, such as:

1  The entire checkout process should be on one page.

2 Detail the shipping costs (or if it will be free) and possible waiting times.

3 It has as many payment methods as possible, and shows which are the main options from the first moment.

  • The recovery of abandoned carts

Many times, a person is about to close a sale but stops at the last minute. This may be because an emergency arose, you lost internet, or another reason. This is known as an abandoned cart.

This phenomenon happens more than you think and represents a large number of sales that do not materialize in an eCommerce. For that reason, you must work on this problem, with communication with these potential customers, remembering their abandoned cart.

abandoned cart

  • Email and SMS Marketing

When communicating with customers, SMS and emails are the ideal channels. Various studies have shown that users prefer to communicate with companies through these means, and not with a phone call.

Using these tools, mainly text messages, you will be able to communicate massively and quickly. In addition, many times it is possible to program the shipments so that they do themselves.

It is also possible to customize each shipment. It is key that the user feels important, without using generic messages like a robot.

  • The use of discounts

The most common marketing strategy is to grant discounts and promotions to users. It is still used in E-commerce, providing a special opportunity to customers.

This can be presented through a special code, a QR, or a discount coupon.

For a discount to be effective, it must meet certain conditions: first, that it generates an urgent need, which encourages the customer to buy the product; second, that it is limited, it can only be used for a specific time, such as the weekend.

  • Product Suggestions

Many times, you can run out of stock of a certain product, and when a user wants to buy it, it is found that it is not available. Instead of losing that customer right away, you have to use alternative strategies.

On the one hand, it provides precise information on when it will be available again. On the other hand, it offers products similar to the initial offer. That way, you may be able to make a sale, even if it's a different product.

Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

We hope that these marketing strategies for your eCommerce have been useful to you. And if you want to start testing SMS to take your strategy to the next level, LabsMobile is here to help. Contact us and a member of our team will advise you so that you can grow your eCommerce using all the features you need.

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