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Manage the appointments of de-confinement in an effective way with SMS

Since the quarantine and now with the new phases of de-confinement, communication management has been key not to lose your clients. Now, managing in an efficient way the system of appointments is even more important. 

Many companies have been using the system of appointments from before the confinement in a habitual way. We are talking about services like health centers, spas, wellness salons, beauty centers, physiotherapists, pet shops, dentists, car shops, etc. But now, other shops and bookshops also need to regulate their appointments by law. This way, you can control the influx of clients that come to the shop. 

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Publication: 05.25.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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For this reason, it’s very important to have an effective appointment system. Don’t lose appointments or money and reduce crowds that would bring about health risks. 

How to choose a platform of appointment reminders.

When choosing a managing platform for your appointments, you should consider some of the needs of the company:

  • Can I use the platform on the web?
  • Can I integrate an SMS platform with an API using my normal software?
  • Can I automate sendings or program them for certain schedules?
  • Can the platform save phone calls and reduce the administrative load of my personnel?
  • How do changes and cancellations of appointments manage within the site?
  • Can I modify my database?
  • Can I send extra information in my messages? For example, you might be interested in sending health measures or safety advice for your clients when they come for their appointment. 
  • Can payments be done via these messages?

Managing appointments using mobile SMS

LabsMobile is a platform that allows this and much more. It is a tool that manages appointments in a perfect way because, as we have explained above, it has an open rate of almost 98%. This means that your clients will always see your messages. 

Clients who get your messages will be able to organize the appointments and see the safety measures they need to take into account. In addition to being able to cancel or call in an automatic way to re-program appointments that don’t suit them. 

Your company will save time and money, in addition to being in permanent contact with your clients. This way, you can increase their loyalty and keep them as customers. You can even use SMS as Landings or with satisfaction surveys. 

Your personnel will also be able to focus more on services and earning more money. 

Manage appointments with the re-opening of confinement in an effective way with SMS

As stated before, SMS are one of the most efficient tools available to solve your issues with previous appointments. And our LabsMobile platform is one of the best options in the market for this. 

LabsMobile’s SMS can be sent from the WebSMS. But you can also integrate it to any website or software using the SMS API, so that the reminders can be sent from the business own webpage, or even via email.

With this, you can: 

  • Send confirmation or appointment reminders.
  • Send extra information.
  • Send promotions and discounts.
  • Also, send polls to assess your customers’ level of satisfaction so you can improve every day.
  • Leave a phone number for changes.
  • Send an SMS with a link to a payment platform to pay for pending things. This way, you will also facilitate repayments.
  • Gather information for a database.
  • Create a giveaway or get more engagement in social media.

 Managing appointments via SMS with LabsMobile

With LabsMobile, you can automate the sending of an SMS after putting a new appointment in your system.

You can modify your database directly if the SMS service is integrated with your software. You can also change your Excel file or databases for you to upload any time you want. In fact, LabsMobile has a service called HLR Check that checks the state of the mobile phones included in your database. So, you will know if they are still active or not. In this way, you save the sending of an SMS to messages that no longer exist. At LabsMobile, we recommend that you use this checking system before sending a mass SMS of promotions. This way, the company can make sure that the data is correct and active, making the campaign more effective and reducing costs. 

Manage the appointments of de-confinement

Remember that you can also receive every type of stats when sending an SMS. You can know, for example, who opens them, who gets the SMS or if they click on the links. 

You can contact our team at LabsMobile using the number 0034 93 100 35 65, through our web chat or via email at We will help you for free to choose what’s best for your business. 

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