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Internal communication with SMS. Easy, quick, and efficient to send documents

SMS is still a very effective means to send all types of information and documents. Companies can be vulnerable to cyberattacks or natural disasters, so it’s important to value internal communication like SMS. 

In difficult moments of crisis, good communication is key for employees to receive updated info and find the support they need. Besides, mobile phones have turned into a very useful work tool. 

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Publication: 05.29.2020
Última modificación: 10.05.2022

Even if it’s true that using Whatsapp is very popular when you send an SMS with an attached file you will be sending quick and direct information, but above all, safe. 

How to send SMS with documents?

One of the main benefits of sending attached files is that the information can be seen in just one link. 

Stats show that this type of message has a probability of 98% to be read once it’s opened. This shows that this is a very effective way of communication, full of advantages. 

One of the main doubts that usually appear is how to send a PDF file together with the SMS. Here are some of the steps to include a link to the file online: 

  • The first step is to publish a file and associate it with a link in the attachments section. The shortened link can be used or selected when sending the message. 
  • It’s also possible to publish the file in an online platform and optimize the data consumption to improve the user experience. The public URL needs to be included in a message and activate the property called “replace links” within the accounts’ preferences. 
  • In the future, you will send an SMS with a shortened link and you will obtain the stat of clicks that were made to the link with the file. 

  • It’s recommended that you use platforms that allow you to visualize PDF files or compress and optimize the size, weight, and resolution of the file. 

It’s important to mention that a standard SMS message has the capacity to send around 160 characters and you can only use the GSM alphabet. Besides, it’s recommended to minimize the weight of this resource as much as possible. 

Examples of using SMS for internal communications

Sending SMS does not only make internal communication stronger within a work team, but more interaction and participation is generated. Some of the usages that can be made are the following: 

  • Sending an internal poll asking for employee collaboration.
  • Make a promotional campaign for a product or service of the company, so you can ask for all the employees to send them to their contact list.
  • Plan and manage information related to adjusting the work calendar and new schedules.
  • Sending HR messages about the life of the company, internal job offers, questions, and asking for help.
  • Use this channel to send reports or press releases related to the company.
  • Sending information about rules or the company’s policies that affect all workers.

Internal communication with SMS. Easy, quick, and efficient to send documents.

Most workers spend most of their time in the office, company, or industry. For this reason, the internal communication strategy with SMS might be effective within the corporate culture and when generating a nice working environment.

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