Integrate your SMS messages with Zapier

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    Integrate online services in seconds and send automated SMS messages with LabsMobile’s new app for Zapier.

    Zapier is a platform which integrates services or applications with ease. It offers its users the ability to automate actions and interconnect with the most well-known web services such as Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail and more than 750 apps available in Zapier’s applications directory.

    Zapier’s features are infinite. It works by setting up workflows with a trigger (an event which triggers a workflow), and one or a number of actions (events to be carried out). This simple structure is key to integrating and connecting services utilized by millions of users and businesses all over the world.

    Integrate your SMS messages with Zapier

    At LabsMobile we have developed an app for Zapier and from now on, all its users can create Zaps (workflows or automations), sending SMS messages through their LabsMobile account. It’s very simple; all you have to do is follow the steps below:

    1. Create a LabsMobile account:
    2. Create a Zapier account:
    3. Ask us for the LabsMobile app for Zapier:


    Here are some of the examples of possible integrations with  Zapier:

    •    When events are created in Google Calendar
    •    When a form is received through Typeform, Wufo, WPForms or JotForm
    •    When an order is placed through Magneto, Shopify or WooCommerce
    •    When an email satisfying certain conditions is received through Gmail
    •    Sending an SMS with New Relic alerts
    •    When new tickets are received in FreshDesk or Groove
    •    Receiving SMS notifications from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    •    SMS alerts when modifications are made to MailChimp subscribers
    •    and many more…

    All of these can be implemented in just a few minutes with a Zapier and LabsMobile account.




    You can find more details on our page dedicated to the LabsMobile app for Zapier, or by contacting us for more information.

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