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Info messages: all the information that fits an SMS

An SMS notification is an equivalent to a transactional email. Info messages are great to send an appointment reminder, communicate people the state of the weather, update our calendars, share articles, etc. 

In this context, you need to know that a smartphone especially adapted to push notifications is a strategic marketing channel that works really well. Practically any sector of society is capable of using SMS technologies today.

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Publication: 06.09.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022
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The information that fits in an SMS

Did you know that an SMS allows only for 160 characters? Friedhelm Hillebrand, a famous researcher, defined the extension of a text message in the year 1985. In those times, a mobile phone was only useful for the car and the connection was very limited. 

This restriction had future consequences, too. The first SMS was sent on December 3 1992 and said “Merry Christmas”. In our digital era, we can observe how social networks like Twitter, for example, only allow for 140 characters and the other 20 had to be used to identify the user. 

Within the 160 characters allowed in SMS, you can only use the GSM alphabet. This code has its limitations (latin characters, special ones, and digits). While Unicode does not have limitations, its use reduces the number to 70. 

Unicode SMS and the possibilities of communication in the world

SMS Unicode is a coding standard of characters that facilitate communication, independently of the language they choose. This system assigns a unique code to each character that is independent to the platform and the program. 

In this way, Unicode allows you to write text messages not only in any language but also using emojis. This is possible thanks to the Technical Unicode Committee that develops the code. Many important companies like Google, Apple, IBM or Yahoo, among others, belong to it. 

Also, the Unicode SMS service will make it easy to use characters of the alphabet UCS-2 that allows for any symbol. The capacity of characters can be expanded to 500. Once the service is activated, you can send them via WebSMS or using an API. 

Include attached files in an SMS  

SMS also allows us to include links in the text of the SMS. That link leads people to a file that gives more information about the message. When the receiver takes a look at the link, they can access and see the content from a mobile device. Normally, the sent links are to images, videos, and text documents. 

The benefits of sending files include:

  • It allows for clients to send detailed information for promotions, offers, or discounts.
  • Consumers are willing to click on the link that arrives in an SMS. It’s more comfortable and quick that entering our newsletter.
  • You can use any ID sender, although some countries may ask for pre-approval.
  • Sending SMS enables the scheduling of dates and times. Likewise, you can send the messages gradually in specific time frames.
  • You can personalize an SMS and add the name of the receiver or details about their birthdays or business name, among others.
  • With stats we can evaluate campaign results and analyze reports open and delivered.

Info messages: all the information that fits an SMS

Info messages are a powerful communication method with an open rate of 97%. Besides, they help direct traffic to our site or ecommerce shop, making our jobs easier and more cost-efficient.

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