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Increase subscriptions to your sports centre with SMS

 SMS messaging for sports centers can be used in several different ways: when new classes start, promotions and events, reminders for membership expiry dates or congratulate your customers on their birthdays.

If you run or own a sports center and you still don’t know exactly how to increase subscriptions whilst also maintaining customer loyalty, let’s chat about all the ways in which SMS messaging can help you.

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Publication: 01.24.2018
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

SMS marketing is one of the marketing methods that is most recommended by experts, who love it for its high open rate by customers.

What can you do with SMS campaigns?

SMS messaging for sports centers can be used in several different ways. Below are four ways that we think are the most useful to help increase your subscriptions.

  1. When new classes start. When a new class is added to the timetable, there is always a fear that customers won’t like it or that, for whatever reason, it won’t get the attendance expected. Sending an SMS informing customers about the new classes will help to advertise and fill the spots.
  2. Promotions and events. You can send information on any offers, coupons or special events at your sports center with an SMS to each and every one of your customers, increasing turnout.
  3. Reminders for membership expiry dates. Are any of your customer memberships close to expiring? Send a reminder and increase customer loyalty by encouraging them to renew their membership.
  4. Congratulate your customers on their birthdays. These types of messages do not cost much, but improve the relationship between your customers and your sports center. Customers feel more personally vested in the business, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Some advantages of sending SMS messages

  1. Efficiency: 97% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of being sent. This is one huge advantage of this type of marketing.
  2. Security: SMS messages are free of viruses, and recipients don’t need an internet connection to open the message – it doesn’t matter if they are out of credit or data.
  3. Interactive: Although it isn´t necessary to connect to the internet to read a message, you can still take advantage of an internet connection. Insert a hyperlink with SMS Landing into your SMS so the customer can easily access your company’s webpage.
  4. Universal: Any type of mobile phone can receive an SMS message, from the newest model to the oldest phone on the market.
  5. Reduced costs: This type of marketing is a lot cheaper than many others.

Increase subscriptions to your sports centre with SMS

LabsMobile provides a bulk SMS messaging service for your sports center with its platform that allows users to create SMS Landings where you can redirect your customers for free. In addition, you can now send emojis, providing you with an even closer relationship with your customers.

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