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How to use SMS marketing to boost conversion and customer loyalty?

SMS marketing campaigns allow the volume of subscribers to grow from the very beginning. These campaigns are key to ensuring that an SMS marketing strategy improves both conversation rates and customer loyalty.

One of the most important goals of brands and service-based businesses is to make sure that clients and customers remain loyal, and that they continue to buy from them and no-one else. When a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action, is a conversion. SMS marketingoffers an alternative method of achieving these objectives.

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Publication: 01.23.2017
Última modificación: 09.08.2022

The increase in the use of smartphones over recent years has been unstoppable. Brands and service-based businesses are using apps to improve their relationship with customers in the form of promotions and online sales etc. But if you want your database of mobile users to grow, this isn’t enough. To encourage customers to stick with your brand and buy more of your products or services, the loyalty generated by using SMS marketing has no comparison.

How to use SMS marketing to boost conversion and customer loyalty?

Message notification

A relatively low percentage of customers who use mobile apps activate push notifications (around 30%). Promoting subscription through a messaging service like SMS, however, has a delivery rate of almost 100%. SMS campaigns allow you to send specific and personalized information instantly to a client. Customers can also receive invitations to participate in promotions or customized offers.

Bidirectional communication

SMS marketing campaigns – when customers sign up for receiving promotional SMS messages – have become a fundamental method of communication between customers and brands. And it’s not just communication in one direction. Through various options that can be integrated into the text message (web links, links to download apps directly etc.), SMS is a communication method à la carte, in which the user can chose how they interact with their favorite brand.

Invitations to social networks

Social invitations are a useful way for a brand to increase their database of mobile users. As part of an SMS campaign, you can attach a direct download link to the message and invite customers to share it with their social networks. Some businesses have worked out that the cost of social invitations such as through SMS is worth 10% of what it would cost using a traditional publicity channel.

Downloading apps for mobiles

One use of SMS marketing which is becoming more and more popular is including link to download a mobile phone app. To encourage people to download the app, websites include buttons that take users to the 2-factor authentication (2FA): customers enter their mobile number and then receive an SMS with a direct link to downloading the application.

This use of the SMS campaigns significantly increases the conversion rate because every user receives a direct link to the app straight to their mobile. Customer loyalty increases, as doubts are dispelled when at the moment of downloading.

User verification through a mobile number

Nowadays there are billions of people with mobile phones, or at least with a mobile phone number. To optimize the efficiency of SMS campaigns, companies make use of a very useful tool: telephone number verification. It is known as user authentication and it allows you to immediately discard subscribers that no longer exist or are fake. Brands can then focus on improving the experience of their real users, which make up the core of their community.  

One more detail which is important. SMS means that any mobile user, even if they don’t own a smartphone, to receive text messages. Because text messages are so easy to send and read, it makes the user develop a faster, closer relationship with the service and its sender.SMS campaigns have become an invaluable bridge between brands and clients, whether or not clients have the latest mobile phone technology.

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