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How to send SMS online

Sending SMS online is the best way to directly reach your customers to offer them quality information that is catered to their interests.

With online SMS, you guarantee that the information needed to get to your customers' phone will be delivered quickly, directly, easily and at a very affordable price. But how to send SMS online?

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Publication: 06.28.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

Online SMS has many advantages:

Sending SMS online is a powerful and instantaneous way of marketing. Unlike other channels, there is hardly any spam since the people who receive the SMS first have to give consent. SMS is compatible with all other forms of communication and marketing. With the use of these messages, you can personalize and improve your campaigns, as you get to know your customers better.

It is very easy to send SMS online. Once you sign up on the platform, you can then buy the SMS pack and begin creating messages. You can also choose your favorite SMS landing template that best suits your needs. Personalize your messages with photos and texts. Then, send the campaign with the link in the template you have chosen.

Once the messages are created and sent out, you will be able to see the performance and manage the success of your SMS campaign. For this you will be given access to a real-time analytics dashboard that has been created for you.

LabsMobile, your online SMS sending platform

An advantage of sending SMS online is that the recipient does not need to have Wi-Fi connection to receive them. This makes the service even more convenient and effective.

If what worries you is the price at which the messages are charged, we only charge you for the SMS messages that are sent. This means no registration fees, maintenance fees or any other hidden fees: simply SMS.

On the other hand, if we carry out mass message campaigns online, it is very necessary that we know the revenue we’re obtaining from it. Tools created for this purpose allow us to know first-hand the real performance of the campaigns. This analytical information can help us improve future SMS campaigns and promote our business.

LabsMobile makes it easy, affordable, and effective for you. Register today and try for free. Discover the power of SMS in your business.

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