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Latest features: How to re-schedule appointments via SMS?

SMS can have a long list of functions within digital marketing, as they are a very important tool for communication between companies and clients. They are very useful to keep track of schedules, but they also allow for re-scheduling quickly and effectively. 

Avoid losing time or money by losing appointments by rescheduling them via SMS.

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Publication: 03.15.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022
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How does SMS work? 

Using an SMS is a great technique for direct communication within digital marketing, surpassing emails and phone calls. Their open rate is superior, together with its immediacy and shortness that enable action on the part of the receiver. 

For this, a platform such as LabsMobile is ideal, as it has all the features you need to send messages in a massive and quick way.  

The most important element is the database. There, the  information about the clients is stored, which enables you to send SMS instantly. Any company that gives appointments has the personal data of the person such as their phone number, so you only need to look for the name and send a message. 

Features of SMS services for appointments:

  • Save time and resources: Clients will not forget about their appointments and this will save money for your company. 
  • You’ll be able to program your messages using the WebSMS or the integration API. Choose the date and time of your SMS. 
  • In case people cannot come, the automation of the service will send them a notification so they can re-schedule the appointment. 
  • Messages are always personalizable: in each message you’ll be able to add dynamic fields and personalize your SMS.
  • Save your contacts. You can do this either on the WebSMS in LabsMobile and the integration API. You can also upload a file containing your database to the webSMS.

  • With LabsMobile, you’ll obtain advanced reports with information about delivery and reception in real time. 
  • Connections will be direct. So, every message for reminders or re-scheduling will be safe.
  • You’ll also be able to personalize the sender. This will help people to identify your messages with the name of your company. 
  • Service without extra cost. It’s important for the client to know that the SMS reminder service is free for them. You’ll only be charged for each sent SMS. 

The functions of SMS when it comes to appointments

The versatility of messages enables you to carry out several actions regarding appointments. 

The first one is the confirmation of attendance. With a simple message, you can contact the user that has a programmed appointment and re-confirm their presence. For example, “Dear Rubén, we remind you that you have a medical appointment next Wednesday. To confirm your attendance, answer YES”.

This is a simple and effective method to keep your programmed appointments or to re-schedule one if the client cancels. This is another function that allows you to communicate with clients to have a new one.

For example, if a client has an appointment for next month, you can send them an SMS offering one that is free unexpectedly next week.

How to re-schedule appointments via SMS?

SMS are also used to communicate important information, such as the cancellation of an appointment and ask for a new one. It may happen that a doctor cannot attend their appointment, so they need to communicate this to the patients. The same happens if the place needs to remain closed for a reason. 

The integration of SMS with business software for mobile databases allows them to send messages automatically. This saves time and money for every service. 

LabsMobile and the integration with automatized SMS for appointments

LabsMobile offers the ideal tools to send SMS massively and quickly, which are ideal to to send appointment reminders via SMS or re-schedule agendas. Sending appointment reminders viaje SMS and being able to re-schedule appointments you cannot attend will show an added value to many company’s services, and clients will be thankful.  

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