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How to improve productivity in your company by sending SMS

To achieve an improvement in productivity is one of the main goals of companies. All brands know that there are always small details or processes that you can do without or perform more efficiently in order to make your strategy profitable. For this reason we wish to introduce a comfortable and simple way to do it: sending SMS. Let us explain.

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Publication: 08.28.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022

Improve productivity with SMS sending

Here is how SMS can help you in your company:

1 A time saver

Within a company, communication is essential. It also needs to be as fast as possible. Instant messaging offers you the advantage of not needing  intermediaries or waiting periods. Nowadays everyone is especially attentive to their mobile phone; this gives you the advantage of knowing that your messages will arrive quickly and on time.

2 Effective communication with customers

Just as other advertising systems or media are much more collapsed, SMS do not have much competition. Thus, if you adopt this medium as a customary way to create your advertising, you will not face  saturated and overwhelmed customers.

3 An economic process

SMS is not an expensive advertising formula. In fact, you can buy packs or hire certain options that allow you to maintain good communication without having to invest too much. If you compare it with other types of methods it will be much more profitable, and at the same affordable price.

4 It offers good returns

Compared to other advertising techniques, SMS enjoy favorable statistics. This is mainly because of the element we mentioned earlier: the public is not yet fed up with them.

Additionally, you can customize SMS sending and prepare specific landing pages for each message to be sent. This way you can link them directly to the products you wish to sell or  the action you want them to perform.

Thus the number of steps they have to take is minimal, which favors the completion of the action and thus improves returns from  these types of campaigns.

5 Possibility of automation

Finally, SMS can be automated;  you can plan out certain campaigns. Or, for instance, you can program a thank you SMS to be sent to anyone making a purchase.  This is a way of ensuring good loyalty and closing the purchase process on an elegant note.

How to improve productivity in your company by sending SMS

In conclusion, SMS may be used for many purposes and can lead to improved productivity. Everything will depend on how you use them within a greater communication strategy that allows you to direct their use towards a clear purpose, whether it be sales or loyalty.

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