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How to Get a Company’s Own Mobile Phone Number Database?

Generating a company’s own mobile phone number database is essential for the development of any company that sells products or offers services.

This information is very valuable and, in addition to numbers, email accounts, names, and other relevant data can be obtained. This data is useful for publicity campaigns and different marketing strategies.

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Publication: 10.09.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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Techniques to Create a Mobile Phone Number Database

The body of information and data which form an ordered structure and is stored in any computer system is called a database. A source of information of this kind enables the strengthening of bonds with current clients and, in particular, it allows a company to expand its services and get in contact with new potential clients. There are two ways of getting a mobile phone number database:

1 The first of them consists of the gathering of information from scratch, using different techniques. Among them, five stand out:

  • The creation of a newsletter: this is a news bulletin through which digital advertising is regularly distributed via email among all the subscribers. In this type of publicity, relevant news, information about new products, offers or promotions, and even exclusive content can be found. The more attractive the advertising format is, the greater the success will be because people have to subscribe voluntarily.  
  • Offering gifts in the street. Another option can be carrying out campaigns in public places and give gifts to people passing by in exchange for them subscribing to a webpage or completing a form. 
  • Creating a section only for partners. Your website can have a section only available for those who are registered in it. It must contain interesting and relevant content. In this way, more clients are likely to want to register! 
  • Taking advantage of social media. Nowadays, social media sites are one of the most important tools on the web. These platforms have millions of users who can become potential clients. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example, offer this possibility. Traditional advertising can be carried out on these sites, or you can make a deal with famous people who use the network. These influencers generally have thousands and thousands of followers. Thus, they can advertise your product on a massive scale and leave a link for people to register on any site (ours!)

How to Get a Company’s Own Mobile Phone Number Database?

2 The second option is to buy or rent an already set up database. This mechanism has the advantage of avoiding all the formation process (which requires time and money) and ensures the availability of a mobile phone number database. In addition, the data is already ordered and classified, so you can categorize it according to age, gender, interests, location, among others. This is a paid service, and you need to be careful not to incur in illegal activities. To prevent this from happening, you need to comply with el Reglamento Europeo de Protección de Datos y la Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales (LOPD) 3/2018. 

Regardless of the option chosen, the generation of a mobile phone number database is highly important for a company looking to grow fast. Considering the rent of a database, LabsMobile offers a complete service with legal support which will satisfy all your needs. 

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