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How To Choose the Best SMS Provider

SMS messagingis becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, no matter what type of business you manage. Here’s just one reason why: 98% of all SMS messages are opened with two hours of being sent.

To put together the best possible SMS business strategy, we recommend that you choose an experienced SMS provider that offers a comprehensive service.

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Publication: 05.28.2018
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

The basic services you need for SMS marketing. How To Choose the Best SMS Provide

1 Creation and administration of SMS messages

The web application you use to generate SMS messages must be versatile and simple to use. It is important that you can easily upload your database and contacts from Excel or other programs and segment the contacts to target with different campaigns. The web application must have an attractive design, be easy to use, and intuitive to make creating and sending messages simple.

Having access to an SMS Landings editor with templates and designs that can be easily edited and adapted to all mobile devices is also important. With LabsMobile, including an SMS landing page in an SMS message is completely free for customers.

2 Safe routes

The platform must have direct and reliable routes that guarantee that all SMS messages sent reach their destination.

Furthermore, the management system must be able to support bulk messaging, to help you save time when replying to customer inquiries or during marketing campaigns. 

3 Monitoring and tracking

It is essential to have access to a system that monitors all SMS messages sent, and can generate reports and statistics to help you improve your business strategy. These reports can let you know if a delivery or campaign has been successful and if it has met its objectives.

Click-through statistics will show you the results of a sale or advertising campaign in more detail. Data on which recipients have clicked and how many times is very important in helping you to separate and segmenting your loyal customers.

4 Marketing and technical support

We recommend that you check the support provided by your SMS provider. Is the support ongoing? And does it allow you to carry out all of your operations with peace of mind?

The LabsMobile platform offers a support phone line and tutorials to help you get started with creating an account, importing a database, and integrating with the API.All of these services are provided for free with LabsMobile.

5 Integration API

The SMS messaging operating company you choose should also provide the options of using WebSMS and API integration for all software.

The API should have a delivery simulation mode, allow you to test at no cost, reporting, and all the administrative procedures required for bulk messaging.

6 Other services

One final thing to remember is to look at what complimentary services the platform offers, such as virtual numbers, SMS Certificates, SMS Multimedia, SMS Unicode (which allows you to use every character), SMS Ping (web control service) and HLR Check, which allows you to check the status of a mobile phone and find out whether the number is valid or not.

7 Price

And let’s not forget the cost. LabsMobile only charges you for the SMS messages you send.

It is important that customers pay a fair price for the number of messages they’ve sent. At LabsMobile, we can create a customized package based on your needs and girls.

8 Reseller plan

Lastly, look to see if you can opt in to a Reseller Plan, which would allow you to sell on the bulk SMS messaging service to other companies.

How To Choose the Best SMS Provider

LabsMobile. As an experienced SMS provider, we offer a free trial to customers who want to test our services first-hand. The LabsMobile platform offers all of the services listed above as well as an intuitive SMS editor that we will teach you how to use to get the most out of SMS messaging. What are you waiting for?

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