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How to build a database for SMS marketing campaigns

Many companies want to launch SMS marketing campaigns to let customers know about their offers, products and services. However, a lot of companies don’t have a database of phone numbers.

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Publication: 07.04.2017
Última modificación: 06.27.2022
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The first step is to find potential customers: people who are looking for your product and are interested in receiving more information.

A closer look

The main challenge you face is customers rejecting what they consider to be unwanted messages. And in marketing, a negative opinion spreads twice as fast as a positive one.

As mobile phone users continue to grow - in fact, some estimates say that 90 percent of the world's population will be using mobile phones by 2020 - it’s best to utilize a non-aggressive marketing strategy.

Build a database: How to build a database for SMS marketing campaigns

Some tips for companies that want to build a database of phone numbers for their SMS marketing campaigns are:


Register your company with an SMS marketing software service and get what is called a "long number". Then, advertise an attractive offer or discount as a way to entice customers. Promote of a product or service, and in exchange, the customer will send you an SMS text message to the number you’ve just registered with SMS marketing software.


Dealing directly with potential customers and asking them what they want is another effective tool that can result in creating a good database of phone numbers. Your approach must be friendly and professional. Offer the customer the possibility of receiving information through SMS if they provide you with their telephone number.  When the potential customer gives you their phone number, it’s doesn’t just benefit your company, but also provides them with offers and discounts on products they might want.

Keywords and short codes are used in both digital campaigns (websites, social networks) and traditional media outlets (television, radio, flyers).  The message should be short and contain a call-to-action, offering a free gift or promotion by sending a message to a fixed number. This way of attracting customers allows you to give the most amount of information about your products, services, contact methods and points of sale. When a person sends a message using this strategy, you know they are actively interested in what you are offering, and that they are a potential customer curious to know more information.


Once you’ve created a database of phone numbers for your SMS marketing strategy, you need to utilize it in the most effective way possible. The customer must know that the messages they receive are relevant and that they won’t be bombarded with advertising, but informed of offers exclusive to them. The ideal is to send messages once or twice a month. We also recommended sending customers information and offers that are only available via SMS, making them feel as if they are receiving extra special treatment by signing up.

To optimize the usefulness of this marketing tool, you can send reminders of dates or appointments that the customer shouldn’t miss, such as expiry dates, launches, offers and changes in opening times and services.

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