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How can technology help restaurants during the Coronavirus lockdown?

It has been a few days since the government ordered the closure of many businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops and bars to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. And although there are some measures to help these businesses, very often they are not enough.   

In addition, many wonder how they can support the community during confinement as these are food services. This all leads many to consider delivery services.

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Publication: 04.22.2020
Última modificación: 10.03.2022

In order to offer delivery services, which are authorized, a restaurant must consider how to offer a delivery service to its customers. And also how to communicate all services, as well as drop-off and payment details to customers.

We have noticed that many people are using social networks to communicate these days. But the problem with social networks is that they do not show the prices or the differences with respect to competitors. In addition, posts often go unnoticed as a result of the amount of noise generated on social networks and the saturation of content.

It is for this reason that new delivery services need to promote the business, as well as communication with customers.

 SMS messages as a platform for takeout restaurants

During these difficult times, personalized communication can help these businesses. Traditional phone calls, e-mails or social networking channels are one option, but the most effective way is through SMS messages.

Some of the reasons:

  • 98% of users read SMS messages that are sent to their mobile phones, as they are more relevant than other channels.
  • Wifi is not necessary to receive this type of message because it operates on a different network.
  • SMS messages allow a very segmented and effective as well as personalized and automated communication.


Guide for restaurants that are closed these days on how to use SMS messages

One of the first things you should consider in a restaurant business is whether or not the potential customers know you, if you have their phone number and if they know what products you can cook. That's why the first thing you should do is create your database so that you can send out advertising about your delivery service. And also about which products are available to be delivered to their homes.

Then once you have the orders, sending an SMS with essential information will also build customer trust or loyalty. For example, a new payment method, an order process or opening and closing times.

SMS with links or Unicode SMS: communicating more detailed information

Sometimes the information you need to share with your customers requires more space than is available in a standard SMS message. That's why LabsMobile offers you the possibility to add links to the text that will allow you to give further extra information. Likewise, you can attach an image file, a PDF or a document to sign.

SMS Landings are also a good way to extend information and they add design value. LabsMobile offers a free SMS Landings Editor service for customers.

Lastly, there are also Unicode SMS that allows you to send messages with accent marks or use emoticons to create a stronger engagement with your customers.

How can technology help restaurants during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Finally, if you offer a drop-off or delivery service,SMS can be used to inform the customer of the status of the order. You can also detail specific criteria such as "The delivery driver will arrive in the next 10 minutes, ring the bell and leave your order at the door". 

These days e-commerce is taking on a very important role in the face of the inability to move normally. That is why any form of online shopping is a commercial advantage over the competition. The need to constantly inform customers of the changes in this exceptional situation is almost a requirement for the survival of the business. This is why LabsMobile encourages you to try the SMS service for free before buying your first SMS pack.

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