Published: Jan 30, 2020
Last update: Oct 11, 2022
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Massive SMS messaging. Examples of SMS use in food delivery apps

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Massive SMS messaging. Examples of SMS use in food delivery apps
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Just Eat or Glovo are some of the most popular food delivery apps in Spain and other countries. They work with a huge network of providers, which allows them to offer food from different restaurants, cafés, and gastropubs.

For example, Just Eat has a network of over 3000 restaurants only in Spain. These providers value, above all, high quality and speed in the delivery system, and the fact that the platform is so easy to use. That is why Just Eat has been using SMS to communicate with their providers for years.

 Massive SMS texts

Just Eat is a clear example of how to use SMS in food delivery platforms. They use SMS to communicate with their providers, whether they need to ask questions about deliveries, billing information, or to solve a problem.

 SMS use in food delivery apps

Other functions of SMS:

  • Reminders for customers.
  • Delivery confirmations for providers (restaurants, cafeterias, etc.)
  • Reports for restaurants on a number of orders, both completed and canceled (these reports can be daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Delivery confirmations for final users through the platform. Information about delivery times and payment methods.
  • Communication with carriers.
  • Solving problems with the staff.
  • Information about special offers.

 Most of these apps have their own communication system to reach users, but they still prefer to use SMS to communicate with providers.

Glovo, a good example of how to use SMS messaging

Glovo, one of the most massive food delivery apps, uses SMS for communications with providers.

If a provider has an SMS notifications system, every time they get an order they get an SMS text to the company’s number. Once they get this message, they can start to prepare the order while the carrier is on his way.

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