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How can gyms communicate efficiently with their members after confinement?

Gyms and sports centers are fighting to keep their clients after the confinements because of the new coronavirus in virtually every country. 

As Covid-19’s infection rate starts to slow down, the restrictions are getting softer. With these come the expected reopening of gyms. However, even though the restrictive measures are relaxing, the safety measures are still priority for the public. 

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Publication: 08.12.2020
Última modificación: 06.16.2022

As a consequence, the focus for gyms needs to be on balancing new security protocols while guaranteeing their clients feel safe at the same time (while feeling happy to go back to the gym!). 

The success of this lies in effective, clear, and personalized communication. 

Efficient communication with SMS

Many of the things that should be communicated to users can be done through SMS. Just to give you a few examples:

  • For social distancing of two meters required you can send an SMS with a landing page of an image. This must be clear and explicit to show how you will take care of people’s security. For example, to feature the distance between the machines.
  • For capacity reduction you can send an SMS with a poll to know what schedules people want to go to the gym. 
  • To manage the maximum capacity of people during some periods you can send an SMS of full capacity in the next hour.  
  • To inform about the closure of locker rooms and showers, you can send an SMS explaining the motives of health and hygiene.
  • For new opening timetables, you can send an SMS with a link to this information. 
  • To manage the cleaning agenda you can send an SMS with protocol information.
  • To know the clients’ opinion, you can send them an SMS with a satisfaction poll and know what they think.

How can gyms communicate efficiently with clients after confinement?

So, the most efficient way of handling this volume of information is SMS. The information should be transmitted immediately to clients, and the best way to do this is through SMS. Sending these messages with landings, in addition, will favor interaction with clients. 

LabsMobile helps you create the best SMS to communicate with gym users and bring them back.Try it out fast and without pressure! 

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