Published: Apr 22, 2022
Last update: Apr 22, 2022
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Guide to Increase ROI with Shopify and SMS Marketing Automation

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Guide to Increase ROI with Shopify and SMS Marketing Automation
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The goal of any business is to generate profitability. To start operating, and improve sales, it is necessary to invest. Hence a financial term is known as Return on Investment or ROI.

Nowadays, with the help of technology and the appearance of Ecommerce, different tools can be used to increase the ROI of your business. A clear example is the use of Shopify and SMS Marketing in an automated way.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main pillars, which are how to make the most of abandoned carts, customer recovery – making sure they come back and are happy – the product or stock replenishment, and the use of SMS campaigns in each of these processes, to get the most out of it and increase ROI with Shopify.

Abandoned shopping carts

An abandoned cart is known as a phenomenon that occurs in online shopping. When a customer selects your products but does not finish completing the operation, an abandoned cart occurs. This could be because you lost your internet connection, you had an emergency at home, you couldn’t find a payment method, among other reasons.

With LabsMobile’s integration with Shopify through Zapier, it’s possible to send an SMS to cart abandoners to encourage them to continue shopping.

When this strategy is used, there is a higher return from customers than when companies do nothing about it. A study by Message Media claims that nearly 70% of carts are regularly abandoned, but when using an SMS as a reminder, nearly 50% of customers return to complete the purchase.

You can even send customers a chain of messages with varying levels of urgency

  1. A first message within the first hour after cart abandonment, reminding the customer about the possible purchase. “You have forgotten your cart, do not lose it!
  2. A second message within 24 hours, emphasizing the purchase with photos of the products, remembering the payment methods, and granting an advantage, such as free shipping.
  3. A third message within 48 hours. As the last option to capture the abandoned sale, offer a % discount as an attraction for the cart recovery.

Returning Customers

The customers that keep coming back to your store are often the most profitable. The main reason for this is simple: finding new customers can be much more expensive and time-consuming than retaining customers who have already been a part of your company. This is for the following reasons:

  • A repeat customer is likely to shop again and again
  • It is much easier to sell to a returning customer
  • The returning customer is likely to spend more each time he makes a purchase.

Returning customers tend to become advocates for your brand and will gladly share what you have to offer.

But how can you make sure customers keep coming back to your store? On average, mobile phone users spend 87 hours a month on their mobile devices. So why not take advantage of this information (plus what Shopify already offers) to strengthen relationships with people who have already bought?

SMS messaging is one of the best ways to build strong, personal business-customer relationships, and it’s particularly easy to do using Shopify, as you’ll have a lot of insight from existing customers

You can send irresistible, personalized, and time-limited offers. They must be too good to be missed. And they have to make customers feel special by exceeding their expectations.

You know what has interested them before: use your knowledge to attract them and make it clear that the clock is ticking. The main objective is to get customers to act and make compulsive purchases. To do this, use catchy words or phrases, such as “Don’t miss out,” “Only now,” “Ending soon,” etc.

Stock Return SMS Message

Nothing disappoints a customer more than discovering that the desired product is not in stock. Therefore, you can send an SMS to your customers every time you have items in stock again.

Out-of-stock issues are very common, especially in smaller-scale online stores. Just like abandoned cart reminders, SMS alerts can help you in a big way. You’ll keep customers updated as soon as your inventory is replenished.

Follow these simple tips to maximize the effectiveness of your free/busy text alerts.


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1 Create a sense of urgency to encourage customers to act

Create compelling messages that encourage customers to act quickly using words like “limited”, “urgent”, “soon”, etc. They will inform customers about the stock while creating a need to buy them quickly before they are out of stock again.

2Personalize and incentivize your messages to build relationships

Any message should be used to create a deeper relationship with customers. Personalize each SMS, including the name of the client, photos of the products, and other relevant information.

3 Allow customer feedback to improve the relationship

You can even attach a number so customers can send you a message. This way, they will be able to ask questions, follow up on their orders if they are worried or unsure about a delivery, offer constructive criticism, and more.

Availability SMS alerts will help you keep customers happy. Inventory problems are one of the main disappointments of users. Differentiating yourself from the competition by creating a seamless customer experience that helps customers get what they want is essential.

Guide to Increase ROI with Shopify and SMS Marketing Automation

SMS is a great tool available, which together with Shopify, will allow you to increase the ROI of your company in a big way. With LabsMobile, you will be able to send messages quickly and massively. In addition, it offers easy integration with other services, a control panel where all the information is stored, and more tools that will give you the best possible experience.