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Grow your database to capitalize your SMS marketing campaigns

For several reasons, your database may be diminishing slowly but steadily. This can be influenced by the inevitable loss of some customers, newsletter subscription cancellations, changes in email accounts and, why not, errors in your marketing policy.

These are normally linked to excesses committed when sending promotional messages. But make use of our experience and grow your database; It is in your hands to reverse that trend.

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Publication: 01.11.2019
Última modificación: 09.30.2022

Grow your database with these ideas we transmit from LabsMobile

Enriching your subscriber list for SMS marketing practice is one of the best decisions you can make.

In fact, SMS marketing campaigns are at the top of effective commercial instruments. Actually, they're considered among those who provide a greater return on investment. Let's see what you can do to get it.

1  Create a blog where you post quality content.

It is the best stimulus for a user to stay subscribed and expand your brand name among your contacts. Talk about topics that may interest your potential clients; focus it on capturing readers, not buyers. If you know how to do it, users will subscribe almost without being asked.

2 Offer gifts or promotions in exchange for leads.

It is effective because most consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies with whom we have regular business contact.

3 Landing pages for your campaigns

These landing pagesare a necessary tool to transform users into leads. It is about any page on your website that you'd be interested to lead the user into. Insert the typical "send to a friend" or "share on social media" buttons to speed up the word of mouth process.

4 Optimize SEO

If you can position your website in the first places on the Google grid, your chances of growing your database will multiply.

5 Use social media.

An active life in social media implies an incentive to subscription. Among them, do not leave Twitter behind; every time you send a newsletter, generate a tweet linking to it.

6 Reate synergies with complementary companies.

It's about them talking about your brand and you promoting your allies if something related to them is of interest. In addition to that, establish links with business organizations, inviting their subscribers to adhere to your newsletter.

7 Raffles implementation.

The interest produced helps to obtain new email addresses, as consumers who go after a prize provide essential information.

Send SMS through your database at full capacity

Applying these guidelines that we have well contrasted here at LabsMobile, grow your database and you can make better use of your SMS marketing campaigns. Of course, respect the law of data protection scrupulously not to find yourself in embarrassing situations.

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