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Examples of successful SMS marketing campaigns

The arrival of new mobile technology has been a boost for SMS advertising.

SMS marketing is used more and more by companies, thanks to the fact that by using platforms like LabsMobile, users can quickly and simply send attractive SMS messages to their customers and take full advantage of the potential of SMS campaigns.

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Publication: 09.13.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

Below we’ve listed a series of examples of SMS campaigns that have been widely successful, with the hope that they will inspire you to create your own SMS publicity campaign.

7 Successful SMS Campaigns

Examples of successful SMS marketing campaigns:


The German car manufacturer sent out SMS messages with the aim of encouraging their customers to buy winter tires. They sent a photo of a model of the customer’s car with the winter tires installed, emphasizing the safety that they offer in conditions of extreme cold.

This campaign resulted in a 30% increase in sales.

2 Papa John's Pizza

The third-largest chain of pizzerias in the United States created a campaign offering SMS pizzas to its customers at a lower price than usual.

The campaign was a huge success, generating $8.10 in revenue for every $1.50 spent.


The Bilbao IKEA sent a message to every one of its 45,000 customers offering them a discount code. 9% of the customers that received the message used the discount.

4 Bankia

With the aim of increasing customer loyalty, Bankia used an SMS campaign to inform its customers that if they performed a certain action for free, for example filling out a survey, then they would be entered into a prize draw to win a mobile phone or a laptop.

5 Diageo

Alcoholic drinks company Diageo Group launched a campaign in Salamanca in which they sent SMS messages with discount codes to everyone that registered on the drinks website. These coupons could be used at a number of bars and restaurants around the city.

7 out of 10 coupons were used

6 British cinemas

The United Kingdom created a campaign titled Orange Wednesdays. This campaign consisted of offering two tickets at a discount to every Orange customer with the aim of increasing the number of people going to the cinema on Wednesdays. They also included discounts at restaurants close to the cinema.

7 Subway

The North American fast food chain created an SMS marketing campaign with the aim of offering discounts to their customers. They achieved a conversion rate that was 1% higher than what they had seen using email marketing.

SMS marketing is useful for any type of business, to provide a better customer service, increase sales, or increase customer loyalty.

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