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Effective ideas to attract more subscribers to your database

Do you know why it is so important to have a list of SMS contacts? Managing an agenda or a database with potential or regular customers can make it much easier for you to get sales or conversions much faster. This is mainly because you already know that you are addressing an audience that is really truly interested in your product or service.

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Publication: 08.26.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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Things to consider for your SMS contact list

First of all, nowadays data protection laws are very precise and perfectly define which users have voluntarily transferred their data and which have not. Therefore it is necessary for you to request them in accordance with regulations, and to always contact subscribers complying with the rules and with their permission.

On the other hand, it is easy to export your database to the LabsMobile platform in order for you to start using it in your SMS campaigns;  thus, it will not be a major problem. Now, the main complication, and also a crucial goal for you, is to manage to increase this database.

Five ideas for expanding your SMS contacts

The key to getting a great list is in the following ideas:

1 Use subscription forms on your website

The simplest and most essential element. Many people will directly show interest in your website and its contents. For that reason they will want to be updated on what you upload and be the first to find out about offers. You just need to provide them with the option to increase your database on their own.

2 Capture your users with pop-ups

Although they may show interest, they may also have doubts or be reluctant.  How can you solve this? It's simple: with pop-ups. Pop-ups can be a great call to action to encourage people to subscribe. Just don't be too intrusive.

3 Offer a newsletter

Is your blog content good? Then it is likely that many people will be interested in receiving a periodic newsletter with updates. How can you make the most of this? Very easy: request a phone number to subscribe.

4 Use some kind of contest

A competition or game where you make a draw for an advantage or convenience is an excellent idea. Simply request this information to anyone who wishes to participate in the competition.

5 Make promotions

The simplest way to get something from someone is to offer something in return. If you want more SMS contacts, offer a discount or an interesting business opportunity.

Effective ideas to attract more subscribers to your database.

In conclusion: the list of SMS contacts is crucial to increase your database and achieve greater sales opportunities. And following these guidelines you can manage that.

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