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Discover the best ways of segmenting SMS

Nowadays, almost every adult will not leave their house without their mobile phone, and SMS marketing is a great way of utilizing this to your advantage. SMS have an open rate of 98% and are normally read within three minutes after being received. This means that bulk SMS messaging campaigns usually have a great uptake.

3 minutes of reading
Publication: 02.20.2018
Última modificación: 09.21.2022

 How important is segmentation in SMS marketing?                                       

If in addition to sending a great SMS campaign your messages are segmented correctly, you’ll be able to achieve an even better response. Customers will identify more with the brand, as the messages they receive will be more focused to their personal profile. This, in turn, will improve customer response and increase your conversion rate.                                                                

Bulk SMS messaging vs email marketing

This is very similar to how email marketing campaigns work: marketers segment email lists according to the recipients and change key features of the email.

To correctly segment a list, first carefully analyze the data of the people that appear on your list of contacts. These database contacts can then be filtered according to the key features that are most important for the particular campaign you plan to send out.

How to segment with SMS?

You can segment an SMS list by various characteristics:

  1. Personal details: sex, age, where the customer lives…
  2. Previous interaction with messages: if they open SMS messages or not, or if they interact with a message once they open it (by clicking on a link, for example), or not.
  3. What types of products they buy.
  4. How often they buy products.

Discover the best ways of segmenting SMS.

With a good contact list, sufficient information and knowledge on how to use it effectively, segmentation can be both simple and produce great results.

At LabsMobile, we work to make sure SMSmarketingis as simple and functional as it can possibly be – thanks to our extensive experience and success in this field.

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