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Digital marketing has become more common nowadays. Businesses and companies are turning to the resources provided by technology to improve their sales, generate advertising, among other functions. SMS stands out as one of the most effective methods.

However, there is a factor that is often overlooked: price. Carrying out a digital marketing campaign has its cost. In the case of SMS, mass sendings has a price per message. To reduce costs, there are SMS packages.

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Publication: 02.02.2024
Última modificación: 02.02.2024

What are SMS packages?

Basically, an SMS package is the purchase of text messages to be sent massively, which come in a combo to reduce their price. They are purchased on a prepaid basis, and have no additional or hidden costs at the time of sending.

The main advantage of these SMS packages is to lower the cost of a campaign. The greater the number of messages in the package, the cheaper the price of each individual message will end up being. It is ideal for those campaigns where you already know the number of messages you want to send, so you can buy a suitable package and reduce your investment.

In the case of LabsMobile, it offers you two possibilities when buying text messages in quantity.

  • The first of them are pre-established packs. The smallest one has 250 SMS, and then they increase progressively. For example, 1000 SMS, 2500 SMS, 5000 SMS, up to the largest pack of 600,000 messages.
  • The second option is to buy the exact amount of SMS you want to send. LabsMobile allows the customer to choose their precise number of messages, with a minimum of 200 credits. Once purchased, the messages are valid for 18 months. This means that they are not obliged to be sent instantly, but can be stored for that period of time.

LabsMobile SMS packs conditions

These are the conditions of LabsMobile packs:

Minimum purchase of 9€ or 10 USD or the equivalent in the customer's currency.

Valid for 18 months during which the SMS purchased will be valid.

Automatic recharges via credit card.

Improved price per SMS for bulk SMS packs and obtaining a customized quote for customers with a large monthly volume.

Advantages of LabsMobile SMS Packs

In LabsMobile we offer you the following advantages:

  • Buy SMS packs of any amount.
  • Pay only for the SMS you send, without any other charges.
  • Pay by credit card, bank transfer, paypal, etc.

Once you buy an SMS pack, you get access to LabsMobile's complete platform, which is designed to make your digital marketing campaign as easy as possible.

In addition to including support to resolve any questions, queries or incidents through direct contact channels.

Some of the services included in the platform:

  • The application for mass SMS sending, with SMS Landing web. This allows adding external links to the messages.
  • Create pre-designed templates or send personalized messages.
  • Storage of contacts in a proprietary database. You can create a new one or import a file with your customers' numbers.
  • Then, create contact groups to segment the campaign.
  • An integration API available to send SMS.
  • Link shortener with custom domain.
  • Obtaining the results of the messages sent with reports, statistics and metrics. Such as click monitoring and delivery confirmation.

These are just some of the features available to the customer.

How to get an SMS pack?

Here are the simple steps to get an SMS pack on the LabsMobile platform:

  1. Create an account
  2. Validate and make a first SMS pack purchase
  3. Send SMS messages
  4. Obtain metrics and results of the sendings

Login to the LabsMobile website and get your quote to purchase an SMS pack.

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