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Craft an online marketing plan that includes mobile publicity

Marketing is one of the main tools that companies have to achieve success and make tasks more efficient. It can achieve many objectives and one of the main functions is to increase the sales of a product or service. 

Today, especially with the pandemic, online marketing has become even more relevant. Thanks to technology, there are many channels that can be used to reach clients. One of the most important ones is through smartphones, using mobile publicity. It cannot be missing from your online marketing plan!

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Publication: 10.14.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

What’s mobile publicity inside online marketing?

Mobile phones have become irreplaceable in today’s life. It’s practically impossible to find a person that doesn’t have one. For this reason, companies cannot and should not miss the chance of connecting with clients using this method. One of the advantages of mobiles is that it allows for a relationship between clients and companies that’s closer and more personal.

So, there are many different types of publicity in mobiles that can be carried out to increase the performance of our business. The main ones are:

  • Ads adapted for mobile publicity: It’s important to stress that publicities should be adapted to mobile’s screens so they are easy to see and don’t bother the client. They should not cover the screen or take the user out of the main page.
  • Publicity in social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others are extremely popular. Publicity in social media is more and more relevant and allows for interaction with users.
  • Web Responsive. Desktop computers are not so used anymore but people prefer smartphones. People use mobile phones to navigate the internet so webpages should be designed for those devices with an automatic adaptation and a fluid navigation. In the same way, mobile publicity should be adapted to this format. 
  • Your own app. If the objective is to work on the web, developing your own app can be ideal. Users should download it but they will enjoy direct communication with the company and see publicity without any issues. 
  • Ads and exclusive searches for mobile. Today, it’s possible to create ads that appear only when using a smartphone (and tablets). The same happens with searches carried out on search engines. 
  • Publicity using SMS. Text messages are the best channels to carry out a marketing and mobile publicity campaign. They allow people to send offers and promotions to clients in a simple and massive way, with a high open rate. 
  • Email marketing. In smartphones, you can check your email and this is great for companies to develop email marketing campaigns, too. 

Mobile publicity in SMS Marketing

SMS are an ideal channel for mobile publicity. They are massive and quick, but their main strength lies in the open rate. More than 95% of text messages are open and read by users. This is much higher than with emails. Many people don’t check their inboxes constantly and it can take them days to check their messages. Thus, email is not instantaneous. There’s also the risk of falling in the SPAM folder.

In turn, text messages are ideal to increase sales using mobile publicity. There are certain elements to take into account to develop a good SMS campaign using ads:

1Have a clear objective, with a clear call to action for clients to buy.

2Personalize each message, to have a more personal relationship with the client.

3Be simple and to the point. SMS are short. You don’t need to say more but be clear and simple.

4Attract the clients’ attention. This can be done with an offer, a discount, a limited sale, etc.

5Avoid sending too many messages. Sending many SMS in a short period of time is not good because you may end up annoying the client.

An online marketing plan that includes mobile publicity

Our LabsMobile platform is perfect to carry out a campaign because it makes it easy to send SMS massively and easily. It has the option of importing a database, to carry out efficient segmentation and also a control panel where you can take a look at the details of your campaign to improve its results if necessary!

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