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Communication in 2020. What's in store for us?

Nowadays, communication is a key factor in people's lives. And for companies, it is definitely an essential element to achieve success. This is because new technologies have produced huge changes in how people communicate.

As technology moves forward, so does communication, which makes the best of such advances. With the turn of the new year, fresh developments and methodologies in communication are expected to emerge. Two elements stand out: one of them is related to customized communication; the other one is the emergence of RCS.

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Publication: 02.10.2020
Última modificación: 09.28.2022
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The age of customized communication

People like to feel they are important and unique. They want to be seen as different, and not just as part of a group. That is why communication today is about customization and closeness with users. Instead of being just a number, every customer needs to become a well-defined individual. The messages they receive have to be specially designed for each of them, taking their preferences and interests into account.

As a result of getting vast knowledge of users, companies are now able to create unique experiences for each of them.

There are a few factors which every company should bear mind when designing these experiences.

1 Creativity is fundamental to communication. Making your messages appealing is very important to quickly catch your customers' attention.

2 Another key factor is social media. Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very useful tools when it comes to sending direct messages since they are used by the vast majority of people.

3 Finally, voice messages have also become very relevant in recent years. They have proven to be as efficient a means of communication as written texts.

RCS and its international reach

SMS messaging is a powerful communication resource, thanks to features such as multimedia content, external links, and QR codes. However, as a technology, it is hardly new, and it's necessary to find an alternative. That is why experts are working on a successor, known as RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Service. This technology continues with the idea of messaging customers without the need of an internet connection. But RCS includes features from more modern applications, such as image and video files, voice messages, and more.

With this system, it wouldn't be necessary to download any apps, or register in any way, since RCS doesn't use the Internet —it just uses telephone networks.

Abilitated phones would use RCS as an additional function that would be factory-sealed. If the target user has a phone which is incompatible with this function, then messages would automatically be converted to SMS, to ensure users receive them.

Communication in 2020. What's in store for us?

This technology has been around for a few years, but it hasn't made a big splash on the market yet. Mobile phone companies have not been able to take it to the next level, but now Google has jumped on board, which means we could expect important developments in RCS in 2020.

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