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RCS eliminate SPAM. We’ll explain to you why.

Jun 03, 2019
RCS eliminate SPAM. We’ll explain to you why.
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In today’s world, which is saturated with advertising, spam and unwanted messages, it is important that companies use an effective communication system with their customers. In this post, we are going to talk to you about why RCS eliminate SPAM.

If you have a company, the best means of communication that you have at your disposal are SMS. These have an average opening rate of 98%, which represents an almost infallible means of business communication. For this reason, companies have dedicated time to establish important content when sending SMS so as not to be invasive.

Problems start with the mass delivery of fraudulent SMS. Currently, we hear about PPI or Phishing all the time. According to data from a recent study, more than 32 million people have received an unwanted message with fraudulent intentions.

In almost all of the surveys conducted, recipients acknowledged not having given their permission to be contacted in this manner.

Why does using RCS eliminate SPAM?

RCS systems are the evolution of SMS messaging, combining the speed of opening an SMS with the effectiveness, customization and features of a mobile application. These systems allow companies to communicate with their customers in real time in a much more attractive and interactive manner.

The way these systems eliminate SPAM is simple. In order for a company to send an RCS to its clients, it is necessary that it has previously gone through a rigorous verification process. Once the company is verified, you can send messages to your customers effectively, quickly and safely.

RCS eliminate SPAM

Thanks to RCS eliminating SPAM, messages, which pretend to be from companies or banking entities with fraudulent motives, can be avoided. This way, companies will be able to maintain direct and secure communication with their customers.