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Commercial use of SMS marketing in 2017

This article includes the key points for understanding what, exactly, is SMS marketing.

SMS marketing has fast become one of the preferred marketing tools for a multitude of companies. You can reach your target audience – and an active one – in an instant, through sending text messages to personal mobile devices.

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Publication: 07.20.2017
Última modificación: 06.27.2022
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We are living in the golden age for mobile phones, which is why we’ve decided to write about the key points on one of the fastest-growing marketing tools over the last year in a large number of sectors: SMS marketing.

Below we will outline the principle characteristics and benefits of this powerful marketing tool, and explain the importance of utilizing one of the most effective methods of today, adapting to the times and consumer habits.

The profitability of SMS marketing

As well as being profitable, thanks to the low cost of this type of messaging service, SMS marketing is also measurable. A company can easily follow the progress of a campaign and count on a 80-95% reply rate.

A company can also estimate at any time if the investment is beneficial, or the opposite, if it’s not contributing anything to the business – in which case the investment would be meaningless.

It’s no secret that targeted advertising has completely changed our way of understanding marketing. Before, people walked down the streets, crossing the road occasionally when a poster or advert attracted their attention.

Nowadays, thanks to the new dimension offered by the internet, companies provide powerful tools that bring all of these advertisements directly to the computer, tablet, mobile or other digital device of the customer.

Effectiveness and features of SMS marketing

Currently, the majority of people have a last generation mobile phone – you probably have one too. This means that SMS marketing has become one of the best tools for reaching your target audience.

You have to keep in mind that 95% of messages sent by mobile phone get a reply, and are seen just 5 minutes after being sent. As a result, this reduces margin of error, and gives you the total attention of your customer.

Messages sent are personalized to the customer: in this way companies are able to both weave its brand into the content of the message, such as offers, promotions, and other types of commercial hooks, and schedule when messages are sent.

Adjusting activity

Adjusting your activity to the time zone and days of the week to when the company thinks the target audience will respond to gives the company the opportunity to capture more customers.

From all the information above, it could be said that the commercial use of SMS marketing is in its golden age, considering that a multitude of companies have been able to verify that it’s a very effective tool for reaching out to customers with services offered by the company.

Undoubtedly we are dealing with a powerful tool that moreover, doesn’t involve excessive expense to businesses. This is the reason, we suppose, its use has experienced exponential growth in the last few years and that we’ve wanted to explain to you the key points of such a useful tool.

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