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Collect debt with an SMS: examples of collection messages

Unfortunately, every company is exposed to certain clients falling behind on their payments or even having debt that starts to accumulate. These situations have become more common lately because of unstable periods like the pandemic and other unexpected situations that arise. 

As a company, maybe you’ll find yourself in the obligation of constantly reminding your clients about their pending payments. For this, SMS are an ideal tool and you can take advantage of them as a collection message in an easy and economic way. In this post, we will give you the most important points and some examples of collection messages.

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Publication: 11.15.2021
Última modificación: 04.19.2022

Keys to collect debt with SMS

The key to using a text message to collect debt is a database. All of these companies use them to store information about their clients and you should not be the exception. Using a good database, it’s possible to determine who are the clients with debts with segmentation to send SMS. This is a feature to divide users and send the collection messages more quickly and fluidly.

For this, LabsMobile allows you to import an existing database without issues, or in case you prefer it, to create a new one to store the information you need. 

Also, it’s important that messages are personalized with the information about the client (name of the person) and it should contain information about the debt or payment to be made (amount and concept). 

Lastly, it’s crucial to incorporate an easy and comfortable method to pay the debt with just a link. Most payment methods (Stripe, Paypal, etc) have available solutions with which you can create personalized links to pay through a link. This is the best way (easy, comfortable, and quick) to collect an amount from clients, collaborators, etc.  

Examples of collection messages you can use

As a company, there are many collection messages examples you can use with your clients:

1 The first alternative is to notify the client about the invoice to pay. You can even attach the invoice from an external link or a file. For example, “Dear (client), this is a reminder that you have the last invoice available and you have until “x date” to pay. If you want more info, click here”.

2 Another option is to let clients know about an upcoming deadline to cancel the debt. In this case, “Hello (client), you have reached the first deadline today 21/10/2021 and you still have a pending balance. You have a new deadline to pay for it”.

3 Notice of additional collection measures: Example of a text: “Hello (client), as you have been notified on many occasions, today you’ve reached the deadline for payment. You have until 20/12 before we move the case to a judicial instance”.

4 Payment reminder with address. On occasion, a payment is scheduled through a card or addressed receipts. It’s also very useful to let them know about extra charges in the following days to avoid returns or claims. Example: “Hello (name of the client), next 21/10/2021 your subscription will be charged. You can cancel or modify your subscription up to 2 days before the date.”

To make it easier to collect, you can use SMS to give more information about payment methods and the options that users can take advantage of. Again, we recommend that you use an SMS Landing with a URL to offer more information.

  •  “Dear name of the client, you have different payment methods to cancel your debt. If you need more information or have any doubts, enter this link and you’ll find more details”.

Verified SMS, your best ally with SMS collections

Recently, LabsMobile has included between its services the Verified SMS, which give the message more safety and reliability as they include a verification of the sender by Google.

Google’s Verified SMS help companies to improve their conversions with users as they generate trust and prevent scams. In this way, the company that needs to collect a debt sends a Verified SMS by Google and the client will know it is safe because it includes a logo of the company and a validated sender.

Then, the receiver that gets the payment order will read the verified name of the company together with the logo and the main data about the company. 

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Collect your debts with just one SMS: the keys to do it

These are just some examples of collection messages that can be used. With the LabsMobile platform, you’ll have all the tools you need to send SMS in a simple and quick manner. You’ll even save time by storing predetermined templates with collection messages!

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