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Cases of use of SMS this 2019. Send text messages online

Although the sending of SMSbetween people has diminished notably since the appearance of the different instantaneous messaging applications, in the cases of use of SMS as a marketing platform, its influence continues to be more than valid.

Because it is the case that users check their mobile phone more and more often during the day,  the use of text messages is an affordable and secure way to reach potential customers or communicate with those we already have.

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Publication: 03.08.2019
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

Examples of SMS that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

1 Welcome SMS

When we make a new client it is important that they quickly feel that they are a part of the family of our company. There is no better way to do it than by sending a welcome message with, if possible, offers of future discounts.

2 Promotional text messages

Who doesn't like promotions? Your customers sure love them too, so it's tremendously important that you keep them up to date with any promotional action you're about to undertake. You can even link the SMS to the promotion, including some type of code that allows the person receiving the message to participate in it.

3 Loyalty SMS

It is obvious to everyone that if a customer is happy it is more likely that they will continue being our client. Trying to show that we are also happy with our business relationship and that we want the situation to continue working in the same way is very important so that their level of satisfaction does not decline.

One way to show that commitment is by sending SMS to remind our clients of the time we've spent working together and tell them we want to continue by their side. If, in addition, we include any promotion or gift, we can be sure that the message will get through to the user.

Cases of use of SMS this 2019. Send text messages online

4 Cross-selling messages

If you work in the commercial sector, the interaction with your clients will result in different commercial transactions being carried out. A highly recommended option for when these situations occur is that you send a text message allowing your customer to get  future discounts. An example: if you have a clothing store, and you have sold some pants, you can offer the user who bought them a future discount on the purchase of a sweater. In this way you will retain the customer and get future sales.

5 SMS as a reminder

One of the most commonly used SMS examplesis where they are used as a reminder. For example, if the client has made an appointment, we will send a message so that they do not forget about it. Another of the cases of SMS use as a reminder is the birthday greeting. Of course, the client knows when it is, but in this way we remind them that we are always thinking about them.

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